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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Regardless of where I land on it overall, Pumpkin Jack is another great example of the prodigious work one developer can accomplish with modern tools. I think that's a wonderful testament. When looking at the game proper, I think Nicolas Meyssonnier's work falls just short of its action-platformer goals. But when you consider its great Halloween-themed visual design, engaging soundtrack, strong personality, creative potential, and its place in today's market, genre fans can still have a gourd time with it."

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anast50d ago

I think this score is fair. What scores do you usually give Ubisoft games?

coolbeans50d ago

If asking me (the writer) personally: it depends on which titles we're talking about. Rainbow Six Siege ranks among the best shooters of the past decade, but Extraction looks incredibly boring. I only started Immortals Fenyx Rising, but that felt more up my alley than recent AC titles.

Other site writers have been kinder to Ubisoft games than I likely would be, but that's how it tends to go anyways.

anast49d ago

I would think open world AC Ubisoft games would be around a 6-7. The level gating through MTs stops gameplay flow, which fails to hit the open and free experience that open world titles need to have. This alone renders a would be top tier experience to something that is average at best. This probably goes for most of their titles I would assume.

coolbeans48d ago

Whoever wrote reviewed Valhalla enjoyed it more. As I said, it's been a while since I played the AC games but we're in agreement about MTs as artificial gameplay weights (to a large extent). But there's always some threshold of whether they're obnoxious or inconsequential in my eyes. R6 Siege pushes a shop with costly cosmetic options, but they have a free battle pass system and a card system that's pretty generous. I don't remember Immortals incorporating any of that level gating; I just remember it going base game & paid DLC route.

anast48d ago

Base game with multiple editions means that Ubisoft games are actually $100 if you want to complete experience. I think the base games are the ones that should be reviewed. I suppose what I am getting at is that big companies get massive breaks in the review process. I don't think Ubisoft has made a game worth more than a 7 in almost a decade. At any rate, I enjoyed your review.

coolbeans48d ago

That's not universal though. Going back to Siege, sure they have editions that fast-tracked acquiring new characters in each season, but they had supplementary options that weren't much of a hurdle. I'd also call attention to their brief period of publishing indie games during 8th gen too.

-"I suppose what I am getting at is that big companies get massive breaks in the review process."

Although review sites have done better during 8th gen than 7th gen, I still agree with that sentiment. For me? I tend to find myself in rare scoring company - indie or AAA. That's gone on since my user reviews here.

-"At any rate, I enjoyed your review."

Greatly appreciated. I enjoyed having this chance to explain my thought process a bit more.