Game Focus: NCAA Basketball 09 Review

Game Focus writes: "This year's edition of NCAA Basketball (formerly March Madness) might feel like past versions for the gamer who is a casual fan of a good college hoops game. Lots of things have happened, added and changed over the last three years, especially with 2K being around and making their own college basketball game. Now that EA has the exclusive NCAA basketball license, it could possibly be the best thing to have happened to the franchise as they can know work and focus on making the franchise better. But, is it THE perfect college hoops game?"


+ Tempo control is a nice addition
+ NCAA atmosphere present
+ Dynasty mode will keep you busy
+ Improved visuals
+ Commentator voice-overs are nicely done


- Pick and Roll system too effective
- Post play and passing still very deficient
- No online team play, dynasty or "Be a Pro" like mode
- Analog stick moves aren't very responsive at times
- Didn't EA have the ESPN license?

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