Xbox 360 games and FPS Boost are a match made in heaven

Sonic, Fallout, Gears 3, Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed tested.

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darthv7249d ago

I love how it makes old games feel new again.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago

This is part of the reason I love PC gaming. The more technology improves, the better most older games actually get.

Profchaos49d ago

As a ps5 owner I'm pretty jelous I still have my physical PS3 connected to my TV as Sony's shown no interest in adding BC let alone offering improvements to it.

I have a X1 and some 360 games as I owned both last two gens running and I'm revising all my old favorites on 360 where I find them

iplay1up249d ago

I never owned a PS3, but have played a lot of PS3 games through Now.

Father__Merrin49d ago

would be excellent for ps3 nativly games on ps5 or 4 for that matter. some shining gems damn i wish cross edge got a console re release

TheRealTedCruz49d ago

I would love to see physical BC. PS3 wasn't exactly my favorite system of all time, but there's some great games to be had.

I just don't want to Steam them. I would love for them to do the Xbox approach and update some of the classics for modern hardware.

darthv7249d ago

Id love it if sony used rpcs3 to add ps3 support to the ps5. And did some of its own fps boost in the procesd.

Profchaos49d ago

I'd love that but honestly I'm happy for them to use rpcs3 and simply get a solid frame rate from the games anything else is a bonus.

That generation was easily the most ambitious but games were constantly played with frame rate drops with most games running under 30 pretty consistently.

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