Random Gamer's Review of Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff

Grundy the Man writes, "Virtually anybody who had a Nintendo Entertainment System has memories of Tecmo Super Bowl in some iteration. The game was considered the pinnacle of sports action on the fledgling console. The gameplay has been burned into the memory of many a fanboy, but will the nostalgia be enough to elevate the new Nintendo DS game or will its lack of development inspire bitter frustration?

...Hearkening back to the old-school NES era, it has a look and feel that is akin to the original 8 bit game. Everything from the overhead viewpoint to the microscopic players is emulated with great care. Even the play selection screen looks like it could have been a screenshot from 1989. The memorable cut scene special events have also made a comeback in full pre-rendered glory. Nothing could be more authentic to the source material, while still retaining the quirky and fun atmosphere..."

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JimmyJames703600d ago

Hmm, why not just make a new football game? A nostalgia game like this might be fun for 10 minutes, but after that, you'll be ready for something newer.

bgrundman3600d ago

It very much seemed like this was a quick a dirty port. I think it was a bit of a cash in.

roblef3600d ago

I don't get the attraction, but I wasn't a fan of the original.

Nikkelz3600d ago

wit the original gta graphics and you 'MIGHT' have a winner

peace and game on

bgrundman3600d ago

That is an awful big "might"...

bgrundman3600d ago

I hope they don't stick directly with this graphical style for the Wii version that comes out next year.

roblef3600d ago

Yeah, I'm giving the game a big "meh." Thanks for your review!

bgrundman3600d ago

I love that video of the Bo Jackson run. That was vintage Tecmo Football.