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First impressions are key, and since six years have passed since Halo 5: Guardians, for a lot of people (like myself) Halo Infinite will be the first Halo multiplayer experience they’ve played at launch – especially since Infinite’s multiplayer is free to play and accessible to everyone with an Xbox or PC. And what a launch it’s been! With its tight 4v4 matches and more chaotic 12v12 Big Team Battle on expertly designed maps, Infinite revives and reinvigorates the glorious sci-fi action that once made Halo king among multiplayer FPS games. Riding high on that thrill, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has dash-slid into the first-person shooter scene and meleed the competition off the map.

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RaidenBlack12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Everything in the background is surprisingly aligning well to the advantage of Halo Infinite.
CoD Vanguard's MP although polished, brings nothing new and is somewhat uninspiring this year.
CoD Vanguard's Zombies is very lackluster this year. (Touted as the worst CoD Zombies launch)
CoD's Warzone's Caldera map got delayed and the Secrets Of The Pacific Event got disabled due to widespread crashes.
& the highly anticipated BF 2042 is just broken overall with only Portal somewhat holding the whole package in together like duct tape.

4Sh0w12d ago

Halo Infinite is great so far it doesn't need other games to be bad. Im sure once the dust settles COD & BF will rebound, they both have a huge dedicated audience, that will either play when things are fixed or come back next game.

Suave_Langosta12d ago

I’ve been burnt out with COD since infinite warfare, I’m glad people enjoy what they like but I don’t see the appeal with it.

Dice needs to fix their devo teams or something. How can BF constantly push out worse games than their previous installments. It all started with hardline, I’ll admit BF1 was enjoyable, but then BFV and 2042, what is going on?

I don’t need a BF3 / BF4 remake or anything like that, I like the differing eras. But man these past two launches have been half baked and plagued with bugs. I know BF4 had a rough launch, but the game was still fun. I’m just not sure what happened to EA/Dice. I know EA is what it is, but I guess BF had stayed it’s welcome? I would love to be sucked back into that game, but I’m not holding my breath.

TinkerNation11d ago

One of the most positive surprises this year. I think we all had our doubts about this game, but it turned out amazing.

akurtz12d ago

The MTX should bring down the score to atleast 7.

ColtPSSX12d ago

I mean it’s free to play. You can’t have everything.

4Sh0w12d ago

What does MTX (cosmetics) have to do with the gameplay?

SenorFartCushion11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It’s not really free. Plenty of people are going to be getting that multiplayer by buying the boxed copy.

Regardless of whether or not the MP is free to download now (beta) and regardless of whether or not it’s on game pass digitally, the game still sells in stores to people who want to buy them without having to subscribe to something.

What’s with the “you don’t get everything” language? Are you a 90 year old selfish man? What’s wrong with you?

Embarrassing, the lack of education in that country, man.

Also @4Sh0w

Games are reviewed as games, not by gameplay.

Again: education. What is going on over there?

Bladesfist12d ago

If you really value cosmetics that much it's fine for you to bring the score down to whatever you want, I don't care that much though, I just want to play a fun game.

Eamon12d ago

If we had to pay to own the game, then yes. But it's f2p so while the BP and MTX are terrible, it unrelated to the core gameplay.

Suave_Langosta12d ago

Ah yes. My fashion choices are much more important to me than the superb gameplay. /s

The mTX is trash I’ll agree, but I haven’t spent a dime besides gladly paying for the BP on a free game. Peoples opinions on the grind are valid, but I haven’t had an issue getting my weeklys done. I’m progressing much better after I learned how to maximize my time spent completing them, it will be touched on as we move past the holidays I’m sure.

With that said, in all honestly it’s a grind I don’t mind because the gameplay is enjoyable. And in the end isn’t that the point?

Gaming4Life198111d ago

Cosmetics have nothing to do with gameplay lol. You don't have to buy anything, just play the game and your good.

I hope the campaign is as good as the mp.

TheRealTedCruz11d ago

Luckily most people don't get all whiney that a free to play has cosmetics you can buy if you choose to.
I know; I know. Offering one of the most polished multiplayer experiences of recent years to everyone, absolutely free, just isn't enough. We have to make sure there's no money to be made via the game.

Damn, gamers are whiney little things anymore.

TinkerNation11d ago

Except we know that the people crying and whining here are not even gamers and they don't even play Halo.

Zulu11d ago


The only thing you pay for is the single player. The MP is and always will be FREE. Like Warzone is FREE. You don’t even need Xbox live gold to play it. It is completely supported through MTX.

I love it when people spout off about education. Oh the irony.

TinkerNation11d ago

By that logic no free to play game could ever score above 7

spicelicka11d ago

MTX are cosmetic only. If you care that much about cosmetics then you're what is wrong with the industry.

Zulu11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


Very well said

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irishyort12d ago ShowReplies(3)

After realizing the split-screen runs buttery smooth on series x I'm now wishing I had one lol. Was a huge fan of Bungie's halo era and this looks very fun. I initially thought split screen only ran at 30fps, didn't realize that was for the series s.

Tacoboto11d ago

What makes the Series S version even weirder is it was the smoothest 120fps from the first tech preview.

The resolution was sub-1080 but it felt *perfect*. Then TP2 brought it down to 60fps and this Beta introduced the 30fps Quality mode.


Yeah weird. Either way I won't buy a series x just for this so I'll be restricted to messing around with the cloud version via my $2 4 month trial lol

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