Pokémon Should Go Back to Pixel Graphics

Pokémon is a franchise that banks on nostalgia and what's more nostalgic than pixelated graphics? Newer Pokémon games just don't look as good.

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againx1355d ago

I don't blame those who like the new pokemon games. I have played every 2d pixel pokemon, since the yellow to the firered/leafgreen/emerald. I loved them all. Each one of them, even though i wasn't a fan of the ruby/sapphire/emerald design of monsters. There is something simplistic that I love.

I tried playing diamond on DS and it wasn't already the same. it felt, out of place. I'm sure people loved it, but it wasn't the same to me. I tried X and Y, and Black and White. None of them clicked, which is weird cuz I have even replayed the previous versions (Emerald 4 times, FireRed 7 times).

I know it has its success, but not for me. I still go back and actually been planning to try modded versions of the ones previous to the DS versions.

Outlawzz55d ago

No Pokémon needs to go fully open world with an experienced dev. Not gamefreak

DarthMarvin55d ago

Absolutely. Imagine what could be created if the Zelda team was in charge of the next Pokemon game. It's amazing, but also depressing, to imagine what could, but never will, be if Gamefreak actually had talented game developers.