World War 3 Closed Beta starts November 25th

World War 3 provides a fully authentic tactical experience that is reminiscent of real conflict

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Majors740d ago

Bought it when first released and it was a good solid game then, I will have to check out what theyve improved upon and hopefully not spoilt it in any way.


World War 3's "Sunstorm" Update: New Game Mode, Maps, and Weapons

"Operation Sunstorm," an action-packed update for the popular tactical first-person shooter World War 3. Available as a free download on PC.

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1nsomniac246d ago

Do people still play this? After they randomly shut the game down half way through development after people had paid the early access fee. Saying they would relaunch it at a later date as a F2P title. I never went back to playing it.


World War 3 Operation Redline is Coming on December 8

Global unrest mounts and the clock ticks closer to catastrophe, as China and South Korea prepare to enter the fight. Battle across new maps and master even more weapons, strikes, and vehicles in Operation Redline, a major free content update coming to World War 3 on December 8.

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First Impressions — World War 3 - Jump Dash Roll

‍World War 3 is an upcoming free-to-play FPS with its eyes on expensive rivals like COD. Jump Dash Roll unloads an arsenal of words and presents its first impressions.

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