Babylon's Fall: The First Preview - IGN

With the ongoing popularity of “Games as a Service” titles, more and more companies are trying to create their version of the model that will gain traction and grow over time. In collaboration with renowned developer Platinum Games, Square Enix has attempted to do this with Babylon’s Fall, which takes place in a more fantastical setting. While the combat feels fresh and new – right according to Platinum’s reputation – Babylon’s Fall is otherwise shaping up to be a fundamental mess with base features being absent or convoluted. It thus far adds up to create a sluggish, boorish rut that needs much more time to hone in and focus on what it wants to be, or else it will be dead on arrival.

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rdgneoz357d ago

Problem with not seeing loot till after the mission is over is the same thing that people complained about with Anthem...

Spenok57d ago

Sadly, it's a pretty common feature with games that are mission based like this. Dark Alliance, Vermintide etc

DoomsdayMayBeOkay57d ago

This game look atrocious, i can't believe this is coming from Platinum Games