Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy--Definitive Edition Video Review | Gamespot

Is the Definitive Edition an ideal way to experience the trilogy? Hell no. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—Definitive Edition is now available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series X, and Switch.

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CDbiggen9d ago

Wow, I didn't know GameSpot could give a review like that. Good on them.

Btw, are any other mobile users getting these obnoxious ad videos automatically play each comment section page they open on here? It's driving me nuts.

Phoenix768d ago

Yeah, being spammed by n4g with ads

Thunder_G0d_Bane8d ago

Get an adblocker for your mobile browser I don’t see ads on my phone.

Ninver8d ago

Ublock for firefox

Adblock for Google or windows.

Problem solved

Yui_Suzumiya8d ago

I'll check the Play Store then

Yui_Suzumiya8d ago

One of those dumb video ads woke up my girlfriend and pissed her off. Get it together N4G.

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cammers19958d ago

This is tragic. I can't believe this passed any form of quality assurance at rockstar games. Ugh.

Starman698d ago

Can't believe how much I'm enjoying the game!!

Ninver8d ago


The game is trash.

Hofstaderman6d ago

Playing it on Switch. The game lags on docked mode but runs OK when on handheld. Wtf Rockstar