WorthPlaying Review: Moto GP 08

WorthPlaying: "In the last generation of consoles, the MotoGP games stacked up to be quite a reputable racing series. Although users only had one option for mounting a motorcycle not legal for civilian roads, at least they did have a good one. In MotoGP '07, it was obvious that things were beginning to slow down (and "slow" is never good word when talking about racing), but with the release of MotoGP '08 from new developer Milestone, it's plainly clear that the series is in trouble. The core gameplay has developed in no way whatsoever, and many of the features in last year's title have been removed, if you can believe it. All this makes MotoGP '08 a hard sell for a full-priced game, and even if it were a budget title, fans would still have good cause to complain."

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