Tencent Acquire Playtonic Minority Stake

Tencent Acquire Playtonic Minority Stake - Playtonic are looking toward a busy and exciting future with Tencent on board to drive development

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LWOGaming183d ago

Tencent seem to be getting involved in a lot of different developers but always with fairly small shares.

darthv72183d ago

that's how full acquisitions start... with minority stakes.

justadelusion183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Companies need to open their eyes to what both Tencent and china is doing..

ActualWhiteMan183d ago

They are blinded by Money and ignorance.

solideagle183d ago

could you please explain what is China doing? I don't know much context. Why Chinese company buying a studio is bad and not American companies globally? It's an honest question.

VenomUK183d ago

@solideagle The concern is not about Chinese people, it is about Chinese businesses that have to strongly comply with the wishes of the Chinese government or face severe penalties, both on the companies financially and their ability to operate and the individuals who could face imprisonment.

In practice this mean the freedom to create art is restricted in different ways; criticism of the Chinese government or people is not allowed as well as promotion of LGBTQ issues and prominence of ethnic minorities of colour.

The profits from Chinese businesses are potentially so massive that’s why you see American companies like Disney and Paramount and Apple increasingly censoring their content to secure Chinese money.

annoyedgamer183d ago

It's not really any worse than US companies owning and Infuencing anything.

Michiel1989183d ago

it is, they censor the F out of everything.

spss11183d ago

The big difference is many Chinese corporations are in bed with the Chinese government, a government which is incredibly corrupt and evil. I try my best to not support them.

spss11183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Not just companies. We all need to be aware. China's continued development of ASAT systems and hypersonic weapons should be alarming to everyone. They now have first strike capabilities and could easily destabilize the East-Asia region.

So whether it's Tencent, ByteDance or whatever, I don't want any of it. I won't support them.

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