Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is now available

Mobile developer and publisher SQUARE ENIX has announced the official launch of a new action title FFVII The First Soldier. The game is now officially available to download for Android and iOS via App Store and Google Play Store.

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jeromeface71d ago

hey square... just a thought. I doubt many final fantasy 7 fans are mobile gamers considering most of us are 40+. Just sayin.

CS770d ago

Yeah… This is a total cash grab.

Its also kinda crazy that this is an entire game to the around backstory of the first grunts in OG FF7.

That speaks to how good to lore was.

But its an ok BR, but… a phone game 🤢

Knightofelemia71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

A cellphone game I would still take a console port of Crisis Core over this any day.

Nerdmaster70d ago

I hated Crisis Core, but even I would prefer a CC port than this mobile... thing.

CrimsonWing6970d ago

I’m a massive FF7 Fan, like to the point where you’d think I’d just buy this because they slapped the FF7 logo on it and made it canon, but uh, this is a hard pass from me. Better luck next time, Square.

_Decadent_Descent70d ago

Just get the FFVII remake over with already and move on to another, ffs.