Call Of Duty Cheaters Can Now Be Banned From The Whole Franchise

Activision has released Ricochet and it appears that Call of Duty cheaters are now subject to heavier restrictions.

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Knightofelemia63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I can understand from the game but from the whole franchise is a little over kill unless you are a hardcore cheater that has cheated in every COD game that has ever been released. This can also be a blow back on Activision if someone who has not ever cheated once in a COD game and they get banned form the franchise. To get a ban appeal with Activision is a long dragged out route to go and most of the time Activision will say they are right and the ban was called for. But I guess it's better then banning the box when Microsoft and Activision were doing that back in the 360 days. But now I am just banned from COD but can still play the box online with other games. I wonder if EA will go the same route with 2042 and future Battlefield games? And I wonder if other developers will also go down this route with other PvP shooters as well?

Neonridr62d ago

once a cheater, always a cheater. Why should Activision be like, "oh he can still play this game because he hasn't tried to cheat yet".

Knightofelemia62d ago

Hence why I said unless you are a hardcore cheater that has cheated in every COD that has been released then I can see them doing the franchise ban.

Iceman100x62d ago

Lol you know, and the degenerate above you is probably a cheater. Who else would say suck stupid things?

yuukiliu62d ago

sounds like something a cheater would say

jbrock1162d ago

It's not like you can accidentally cheat. If you know the consenquences and still decide to cheat, you deserve to be perma banned.

PrinceAli62d ago

No.. that's stupid... it's absolutely justified

Rachel_Alucard62d ago

It's exactly because people would get banned and then the next year go back and do it again is exactly why its a franchise ban. You know full well what punishment awaits cheating but you still do it thinking the system won't get you.

Teflon0261d ago

If cheating was accidental I get you. But you gotta be pretty obviously cheating. It's one thing if you forgot to close something like cheatengine that you may use for a single player game but if you're straight cheating. Good for you if you're blocked from the franchise. Wish more companies would be that bold about it.

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TheEnigma31361d ago

yes. someone has to be the sacrificial lamb.

LordoftheCritics62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I am totally fine with this.

There should be no cheating in MP games and this will scare off a lot of people. In fact they should ban your account and all mp games associated with it. So all mp games.

Todays state of cheating is quite serious. It needs serious action and punishment to scare off cheaters.

PPl who say false bans etc are full of shit.

DJStotty61d ago

Even better, ban the IP rather than the account, then even if they made a new account they still could not play.

The only people that would not be ok with perma-bans, are the ones that would be banned.

LordoftheCritics61d ago

You can change IP

So maybe ban account, IP, and hardware guid ban

DJStotty61d ago


The public IP, not the device IP, although it can also be changed, it is more work than just changing the device IP, either that or work with the ISP's to block access, but chances are a lot of cheaters will be using VPN's, so maybe block the device along with account and the modem's IP range.

Darkborn62d ago

I don't even play cod but I agree on this. Cheaters should be harshly punished because they ruin the game and ruin the experience of the people that paid good money and are playing fairly.

Fishy Fingers62d ago

Can it stop them creating a new account?

Welshy62d ago

Nothing really stops anyone making more accounts, but it depends on what road they take. If they ban the system they are playing on or their IP address it could potentially make it harder at least.

Michiel198961d ago

ban the mac adress instead, its harder to change.

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