Call Of Duty: Vanguard's Campaign Is An Insult To World War II

A misguided attempt to rewrite history for the better demeans those involved.

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Father__Merrin65d ago

The Whole entirety of WW2 was a sham to begin with. Peace terms should have been agreed 🤝 to avoid it all

Welshy65d ago

You might want to pick up a history book, the nazis weren't particularly interested in peace...

rdgneoz365d ago

They were interested in peace for Germans / blonde haired, blue eyed, whites... Besides that, they wanted a piece of this place and a piece of that place...

4Sh0w65d ago


Seriously are you OK, it sounds like a 5 yr old jacked your account.

Kurt Russell65d ago

I think there is fair argument that the years of German economic depression set forth from the "peace terms" of WW1 were a catalyst for such people to talk their way into power.

Hopefully the world has truly learned from it all.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

Did you go to school? Like, I’m not trying to take a jab at you, I just literally have no idea where you got your info to make a statement like that.

Father__Merrin65d ago

@crimson it's because I dont believe in war. WW2 was too much suffering

TheColbertinator65d ago

Hitler and his Nazi lackey psychopaths had plotted violent uprisings and targeted assassinations for years before they conquered Europe.

The Munich Beer Hall Putsch was merely the first step for that madman. There was no negotiation with a man like that.

Kaozz197965d ago

Dumbest comment I have read on N4g and that means a lot

Smok9165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Completely disagree. Nazis needed to die.
This dude really wanted an agreement with Nazis.

iplay1up265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Einstein, Hitler wanted to take over all of Europe. His army took over everything from Poland to France! He also had 10 million killed in concentration camps. How would "peace terms" have affected that? Hand over all Jews, Gypsy's, gay people, also challenged people, have them all killed for "peace". You need a serious HISTORY LESSON! I can not even grasp your ignorance!

AnotherGamer65d ago

....what kind of world are you living in? There's hell lot of documents and history books about ww2, damn even video footage. Go get educated.

Yppupdam65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

WOW....(This is what happens when people only read Harry Potter novels) If you knew what you were talking about you would have known that at the beginning (1938), the then Prime minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain hammered out a Peace Treaty with Germany (The Munich Agreement). Allowing Hitler to keep a large part of Czechoslovakia. Hitler has been known to say that he thought Chamberlan was a fool and the Munich Agreement a worthless piece of paper. He ignored the treaty and eventually took over The rest of Czechoslovakia, Poland and France. Peace treaties don't work with despots with aspirations of world domination and the genocide of races The Nazis deemed undesirable. The Nazis would have been all too happy, after every subsequent invasion, to sign peace treaty after peace treaty until they took over the whole world.

Rebel_Scum65d ago

Chamberlain made an agreement with the Nazi's to not grab anymore land. A year later the Nazi's invaded Poland. So much for the peace terms.

Rimeskeem65d ago

You act like it was avoidable. The only reason the US even fought was because peace could not be maintained.

Sully_III65d ago

Oooh a comment too based to be made outside of 4chan.

W34KN35S64d ago

The way you communicated your point came off as WW2 was a conspiracy and that people shouldn't stand up to evil , which is why you got the backlash. Just because you doesn't mean it wont happen. Some wars are needed , there are bad people in the world, and will be for a long time. Justified wars are when good people decide to fight back against evil people.

"The Whole entirety of WW2 was a sham to begin with." sham is not a good word to use in this instance.

Your point seems to be that you dont like people getting hurt or suffering, so wars that aren't JUSTIFIED are pointless . If that is your point then instead of your first comment, you could've said something along the lines of :

"I'm not a fan of people getting hurt or suffering and would love if we lived in a world where everyone could get along peacefully. "
wishful thinking but again , there will be people who hurt and cause suffering for a long time , which is why you need people who are willing to stand up against it and fight back, whether that be everyday life or war.

philm8764d ago

Father__Merrin you are the epitome of ignorance.

SurgicalMenace64d ago

So much anger and toxicity. The man said what he said, with that, is his right. Name calling, judgment, etc are all practices and behaviors exercised by the tyrannical figure you all have agreed deserved death. Let's take a moment to allow that to sink in....

Father__Merrin64d ago

Correct. And I stand by my original post it was a sham and could have been avoided. If all leaders politicians were out of the equation no pole would goto war with a Russian no German with a brit and so and and so forth....

Yppupdam64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Anger? Toxicity? Just pointing out a bizarre statement it not Toxic. No one is "wishing death" on the OP. everyone is just pointing out his bizarre, "Peter Pan" like post. It would be a wonderful world if everybody was kind and reasonable. But, that is simply not reality. Another thing, It is his right to make that statement, but, it is also every bodies right to disagree.

SurgicalMenace63d ago

You're right, but to disagree with toxicity, anger, and judgment attached is not necessary. Speaks more volumes of the respondent than the communicator, as none of those elements were present in the original statement. Just an observation.

BTW, I was referring to Hitler deserving death, based on ideologies associated with his tyrannical practices. If the same actions/nature are exhibited by those responding, what do they deserve through their own eyes?🤔

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RebDomine265d ago

it's an insult to German too ! Waw is way better.

EnricoPallazzo65d ago

So what I think Kotaku is saying is: game companies should stop trying to pander to "games journalists" and Twitter lunatics because these severely mentally unwell people will always find something to bitch about? Huh.

moriarty188965d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Well said. The people making these games are all woke morons. every major company today has been infected with this ideaology. Rewriting history to cater to sensitive clowns and their woke minded overlords is their only priority. Making a realistic game based on actual history that is accurate is not. hopefully this woke crap dies off and the world gets back to common sense and reality. Might take a while but one can hope.

Sully_III65d ago

"Get woke, go broke" is real. The Woke believe it is a moral duty to inject their politics into EVERYTHING so when a creative becomes woke they tend to put THE MESSAGE before everything else that the audience cares about such as, I don't know... Quality? Writing, Gameplay, Graphics, Mechanics, those are all second fiddle to THE MESSAGE, and it happens every time, because objectivity is evil to the woke, its a quality of "white supremacy". Everything woke turns to shit.

4Sh0w65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Damm he absolutely destroyed this game and frankly Activision should be embarrassed, you'd think knowing how successful the franchise is in regards to sales that they would put more effort into it, instead of just cutting a check to add woke crap, wash their hands and call it a day:

"In its desperate attempts to avoid controversy, the game grabs at armfuls of it, and then defies reality in response. Having a Black British soldier take the lead demands so much interesting commentary, of which there is absolutely none."

"Things venture more daringly when it comes to sexism, because of course they do. The female character, a Russian sniper, gets to say, “Because I’m a WOMAN?!” most of the times she gets a line"

"The whole game reeks of “even though”ism. “Even though she’s a woman…” “Even though he’s a Black man…” Rather than saying anything honest, its painful attempts to be right-on, to do everything short of punching a fist in the air and shouting “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” or “GIRL POWER!”, make it all far more offensive. There’s no truth here, but instead an attempt to wokewash history"

-But even then how did it fail so hard in terms of game stucture:

"My focus here is so heavily on the narrative, because what you actually do is almost a parody of the descent of this franchise. Where 2003’s Call Of Duty has you free to explore its open areas, even allowing you to run and hide to escape the terrifying combat, Vanguard’s very first mission immediately flashed up a warning on screen that I’d ventured three paces too far to the left, and should I not return to the prescribed route I would be killed. I was chasing an enemy soldier."

"As ever, the NPCs want to play the game instead of you, unless it’s about killing the enemy. Constantly shoving to the front, and when they can’t, literally teleporting ahead, your place is always at the back. They have to get there first so they can…not do anything. They all stand next to the German soldiers like old friends, oblivious to how these opponents are shooting only at you with psychic precision."

"Call Of Duty: Vanguard is probably the most visually astonishing game I’ve ever played. It’s also one of the ugliest. It’s a tragic depiction of the descent of a franchise, a game which simultaneously hides from the true horror of WWII and yet for which that horror is not nefarious enough, replaced with childish action heroes and humiliating worse-than-Hitler cartoon villains."

ManMarmalade65d ago

Nazis in Wolfenstein though

BenRC0165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

If Benetton went to war...
I mean really if you want to go down that road the making video games about millions of people who died isn't exactly pc

TheDoomedGuy65d ago

its fine if its "bad people" dying.

moriarty188965d ago

that it is and this shit needs to die quick.

Sully_III65d ago

Hahahahahaha my friend, this is going to take a generation to die. Woke has so thoroughly infested every institution that nothing less than the total effort of the early feminist and civil rights movements will make it go away. That will take decades, from people and ideologies that have until now always been the establishment and have no idea how to protest. We're either in for a dystopia of a thousand years or one that lasts a few decades, but nothing less. Don't like it? Should have paid attention to the Marxists Long March through every institution, like I didn't.

Gardenia65d ago

What do you mean trash? Isn't it only normal that from now on every game will have at least 3 lesbians with short blue or pink hair, 5 trannies, 4 black guys (but never Asians) and 2 gender neutrals in a WW2 setting. This is historical accurate of course, but if you would disagree you'd be a racist and your opinion is not a fact.

I think I summed up pretty well what world we live in today.

Binarycode65d ago

Well said. World gone mad.

Ninver65d ago

We're fighting a different world war. This one is humanity's integrity.

Rachel_Alucard65d ago

When I played the campaign, I wasn't bothered by the race or gender of the characters. But the multiplayer clearly has some of the most stereotyped character stories I've seen. Like the one German female was forced to join the girls hitler youth, but just defied her superiors then ran away to be a lesbian with a polish soldier somehow. Why not just make her a polish lesbian instead of the whole first part?

Then you have characters that defy all logic even their own backstory just to paint their home team as the bad guys like the one Japanese soldier who got pissed at his superior officer being abusive and the acts his country committed so his grand plan was to beat him to death then start killing his own people with the help of the allied forces, only for them to turn around and nuke 150k of his own people later.

Finally, you have characters that are just white men in everything but model and pronouns. Their storylines are just things a man did but now blackwashed and male only aspects removed to be as generic as possible. There's the one black chick that is just a fast runner and that's it, a random somalian female but moved to italy so now shes covered under italian designation and her story is just "colonialism bad" so she just starts killing Italians, and finally the indian chick is the same as the somalian, except shes fighting british people instead of italians, shes clearly the only axis force on the allied team which makes no sense.

The bios don't affect anything gameplay wise, but its just jarring to see WW2 on everything only for space aliens and sasquatch to show up in the fight. I'm not surprised these characters are multiplayer only because there's no way they could have these people show up without clown tier laughter ensuing throughout the studio.