The PS3 Will Prove Its Power In 2009

PSXE writes:

"Those of you who remember the early days of the PS2 will remember the ongoing joke amongst those who didn't like the console. It went something like, "oh yeah, where's all that 'hidden power'?" They said this because Sony promised the system was capable of a lot more than the launch titles presented, and obviously, the likes of God of War II, Final Fantasy XII and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater can't really be compared to the likes of Summoner, Tekken Tag Tournament and TimeSplitters. It's like comparing two different platforms, really, which essentially verified Sony's claims. However, most just remember that old joke, and were quick to apply it to the PlayStation 3. Of course, PlayStation consoles are notoriously difficult to develop for initially, so the jokes endure but typically, Sony has the last laugh."

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Chicken Chaser3598d ago

Another NPD Meltdown??

The PS3 Will Prove Its Power In 2007
The PS3 Will Prove Its Power In 2008
The PS3 Will Prove Its Power In 2009

Just Wait!

Breakfast3598d ago

...These articles have only just begun.

- Ghost of Sparta -3598d ago

The PS3 already did "prove it's power" each of those years. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a 1st generation PS3 title, still looks better than what's known as the best looking game on 360, Gears of War 2. This is what happens when your exclusives run on outdated engines like Unreal Engine 3.

Real gamer 4 life3598d ago

Why do you guys find joy, when a company like sony sales aren't that good. Those it help you sleep at night? Does it make you feel good? Why does it even matter do you. Resistance lbp and valkary choronicles are very good games and home is a very good online service. sales don't matter if you are a real gamer.

Ninja-Sama3598d ago

Uncharted, GT5:P and MGS4. Am I the only one who has seen and played these games? Or is it that you don't have an HDTV? I can't understand how people still question the power of the PS3 when these games have been out for so long now.

So next year when titles like KZ2 and Heavy Rain hits, the PS3 will still have to prove what it's capable of? Sheesh...

ultimolu3598d ago

Why do you 360 fans have to be jerks when it comes to NPD numbers? It's good to be proud that your console is doing well but you don't have to do it in a way that's disgusting.

Get a grip.

- Ghost of Sparta -3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Neither of these two clowns own PS3's so feel free to ignore them. Even the most mediocre games on 360 sell well, just look at Lost Odyssey. They buy anything, even if it sucks.

thebudgetgamer3598d ago

but i think the quality of ps3 games is getting better in each of its two years. the multi-plat problems are starting to ease up with more third party devs getting their heads around coding for ps3. i also think its simple economics that the 360 outsells the ps3 200 too 400 is a big difference and it brings quality software and with the bells and whistles with netflix and the xbl community makes it a good buy. with a core group of first party devs and better third party support the ps3 should be just fine.


Danja3598d ago

With a game like KZ2 Sony has already proved everyone wrong who thought the PS3 couldn't produce a game with graphics seen in KZ2 E3 05 trailer..


says HI..

The PS3 is also doing fine for being priced at $400 which other console do you think could possibly survive 2 years being originally priced at $600 ? and even now it's still twice the price of a 360..and it's still selling well in a sh!tty economy..:)

Wenis3598d ago

Enough with the articles trying to predict the future.

Bonsai12143598d ago

xbox fanboys like NDP numbers because it only includes america. in every other region, ps3 outsells 360 by a large margin. hence why the ps3 has more world wide sales this year (and last year) than 360.

INehalemEXI3598d ago

I was convinced by Warhawk back in 07 ,among other titles... Warhawk is still one of the most impressive games of this gen ive played.

Faztkiller3598d ago

I know they bought a junk system. so m$ knows they will buy crap games and think they are the best

only 3 games on 360 worth mentioning that is halo 3,Gears2,and Mass Effect.

ofx3603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Are we gonna see this every F-ing year.
"Sony will do better next year"
**Next year**
**The first big game on ps3 releases and does well**
"Ps3 is coming back and will probably over take the 360 this year"
**Q4 comes up**
"Ps3 will sell like crazy these months"
**Ps3 hardware and software sale suck on big exclusive releases**
"You have to wait for sale the sales to come"
**Sales are still weak(sometimes worse) through holiday season**
"Sony will do better next year"
You know, i really don't know what sony is doing this Gen. They really dropped the ball this time around. I remember when I was alway excited to be a PS owner because sony was always such an influential company but this time around they slipped in importance...far.

Narutone663598d ago

I don't envy your Soulja Boy game. I pity you, you deserve the game.

ofx3603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

who's "for the xbox fanboys"

The Killer3598d ago

if sony doesnt watch out for the competition and environment(like world crisis) and doesnt try to compete harder in price and value then they will not win this gen no matter what!!

ps3 have the highest chance to win this gen but only if they play the cards properly!! having the same price as last year november and even that price is still expansive is definitely will hurt the ps3 image and sales!!

in order for ps3 to prove it self they need to do the following

1: a price cut(100$) early next year around the lunch of killzone 2(before/after(not too much after)/at the same time)

2: they need to advertise the hell out of killzone 2 before and during and after launch, they need it this time, and i hope LBP,R2 was a lesson for them

3: bundle the ps3 now with 2 games until the price cut

4: keep the advertising running for any exclusive game and never to stop the advertising for ps3 completely!

5: keep ur eyes on the competition and i think its about time to release a wii like controller for ps3 in 2009 if they hope to ever steal the casual market from wii!

if sony dont do what i say for at least most of them then i dont see how they will win this gen, they MIGHT come second but if MS's 360 is keep competing like how it is now for another 3 years then it will be something like even between ps3 and 360.

prowiew3597d ago

Well, if killzone graphics are indicative of whats coming. then, yes, ps3 can produce better graphics for what Ive seen on 360. 2009 could be a good year for sony, at least in graphics, games and who knows, maybe even outselling 360 (im talking about US only).

Personally, I use more my 360 cause all friends that I know personally are on 360. And for one game!. Halo. Yup. im a halo whore, even with sucky graphics, this is the series I had played more in my life. Of course, only online. Dont care about story and campaign.

Beast_Master3597d ago

No one said 07 was year of the PS3, people expected higher sales but we knew none of the major franchises where coming until 08 and they doubled their sales and out sold 360 for a few months this year. Everyone agrees if they cut price and can hold their release schedule they will be fine in 09 maybe even start beating 360 monthly. I mean Sony isn't going any where, my only issue is I want more people to buy PS3 because alot of the future depends of # of users, MAG, Home, and all the multi-player/co-op games requires a large online community. So I hope PS2 fans do upgrade to a PS3 next year. If Live where free and the 360 didn't break so much I would certainly support that system but that is just not the case.

iHEARTboobs3597d ago

It's been out a year less than the 360 (and the 360 is easy to develop for) and arguably the PS3 has games that are on par or better looking. Anyhow, i'm definitely happy with the PS3's progression.

robert02673597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

where are the pc gamers they of everyone should understand the ps3s value I mean allot of people are buying few thousand $ gaming computers and people think the ps3 is over priced but because of the people constantly saying the ps3 needs a price cut is going to eventually force sony to cut the ps3s price.

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ultimolu3598d ago

I came, I saw, I died.


trancefreak3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Awesome pics but green fan boys wont appreciate that quality

mesh13598d ago

looks very colour ful that abut it and to this thread plz shuish we here this every year 2006.2007.2008 and they never beat their rivals .

Danja3598d ago

thats Real Time btw...NO..CG..XD

jcfilth3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Do you seriously think GeOW2 looks better than those pics??? very colorful well yeah, do you want it to look like GeOW? simple, if you played Uncharted you know that after you beat the game you unlock a bonus where they give you the choice to change the color of the game, select the one that says Next-Gen and...tadaaah!! GeOW graphics.

So yeah the fact that Uncharted has more color and detail makes it better than GeOW2.

None of the 360 owners will ever experience true next gen gaming until they get a PS3, it's not just about graphics(where PS3 also has the edge), but what a console gives you in general, BluRay is amazing, Blutooth is awesome, no Disc Trays is awesome! the first time you see your brand new console sucking that disc is just great and being able to eject the disc from your couch or from anywhere via Remote Play is just amazing. Live video feed on remote play from work, school or wherever you are is priceless. The Memory Slots are very very handy, I use them a lot for my PSP and camera. The browser is very very useful, I download videos, music, and pics directly to my PS3 HDD. Have you noticed the Power and Eject buttons of the PS3? no? can't find them? of course you won't find them! there's no buttons, it's touch sensitive!!

PS3 IS [email protected] AWESOME!!

And there's more....gotta get a PS3 to get it all.

Software_Lover3598d ago

Since when is a warzone colorful?

I say the same about Killzone 2. Its very dull, Just like Gears, but when is a warzone colorful? Unless you're fighting in the Amazon or Rain Forests. There are "Colorful" games for both consoles.

Its really sad when people argue over My console has more color than your console. This stuff is getting pathetic.

jcfilth3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Have you seen the updated version of KillZone2? it does not look "dull" like you said, it can not compare to Gears.

"There are "Colorful" games for both consoles."
Yes, but not with the detail of Uncharted, not even Tomb Raider.

Exquisik3598d ago


You came? Without me?! :'(

On Topic: What's wrong with biased 360 gamers?! First they complained that Killzone 2 doesn't have enough colors (I don't see they're complaining about GeoW) and now they're complaining about Uncharted 2 being too colorful (I also don't see them complaining about Halo 3 and Fable 2)?! What's next?! GoWIII is too much of a mixture?! FFS! If you even consider yourself a gamer, stop being so biased and be happy to have these kind of games to experience!

JD_Shadow3598d ago

You're forgetting how it starts, though:

1. Either one of two things begin it: a. A MS fanboy comes into a PS3 story acting like a complete jackass, or b. Sony fan comes in to use the story as a way to say TO Microsoft fan "hey, I told you so"
2. Then: a. Sony fan comes in to shut MS fan up, b. Real gamer comes in to call peace and to install actual truth, or c. MS fan comes in to try to defend his position in the wake of article that Sony fan uses as weapon.

The circle of fanboyism never ends once that begins. Oh, and let's not forget the "fanboys for a day", which are those that decide to defend the system that got bashed by the true fanboy (like a fanboy themselves) just to get the other guy to shut the hell up. He may not exactly BE a fanboy for the system he's defending, but it got to the point where he cannot be silent anymore. Only thing is, that gets you labeled here, as well.

The sad thing is, I see more MS fanboys start alot of sh!t than I do Sony fanboys, yet it's always the Sony fans that get blamed for EVERYTHING on N4G, even when a year ago Sony fans couldn't breath without the MS fans trying to shut them up. And they seem to ALWAYS think anyone who dares say good things about Sony is somehow a SDF member.

I don't think it's a console war based on that. It's more of getting dragged into something that you didn't want to be in, and you can't seem to find a way OUT once you GET in.

Software_Lover3598d ago

That is the mistake that I made. Should not have used the term dull to describe Killzone 2 or Gears 2. Thats just a word that gets thrown around. Killzone 2 doesn't look dull and neither does Gears. To say that about either is just wrong. They are not Uncharted or Halo 3 but they aren't Echochrome either, LOL.

I can agree with that. Kinda what happened to me in this thread, LOL. i was trying to complement both Killzone and Gears and it backfired. Oh well. You live and you learn

SaiyanFury3598d ago

I wouldn't group those gamers as fratboys, but largely their right. All are posed on the 360, the console viewed by many as the "fratboy" console with all of it's shooting and sports games. I don't think the 360 is a "fratboy" console as they put it. It's a solid console with a good lineup of games. But people bashing games on the PS3 here in the comments section are wrong. The PS3 is doing well despite those arguments. The PS3 is a completely solid system that Sony designed with a future outlook. $hit, the thing even comes with BD drive and since people are adopting BD faster than DVD in the same time span that's saying something. Factor in the built in Wi-Fi and higher capacity HDD, Sony's looking to the future, not to the present. Of course, most of this is only speculation, not truth.

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Real gamer 4 life3598d ago

the truth is that the ps3 is the most expensive console out. The wii out sold the xbox and the xbox out sold the ps3. because their cheaper in there repective order. As long as the ps3 remains that price sony is going to have to be content with that what they are selling.

3598d ago
Real gamer 4 life3598d ago

Dude is not and excuse, is the truth. Xbox and wii are cheaper then the ps3, and on top of that the way the economy is right now, is not helping the ps3 high price point. The ps3 has great games, it has plenty of that. mgs4,resistance and lbp to name a few. Its the price, You can't expect to compete with company that is selling their product 200 dollars cheaper. If sony would just lower the price, they would see a dramatic increase in sales. But at that price point where they at right now, they have to be content with their numbers.

pswi603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

quote: "the ps3 is a failure and sony should move on"

the ps3 will be around 18+ million at year end, pretty much where the 360 was at the end of last year.

so obviously the ps3 is a failure, just like the 360 is. sony should move on now before they sell the remaining 80 million ps3's over the next 8 years at prices like $349, $299, $249, $199, $149, $99, $99, $99.

they've been selling around 10 million ps3's per year at $399 and above, so there is no way they will sell more than that per year at a lower price. we know this because the 360 hasn't done well at its lower price point.

also, because in 2-3 years when the ps3 hits its sweet spot, between $299 - $249, hdtv's will still be in their infancy, and the average consumer won't own one of these devices. also, dvd's will outsell bluray 100:1 because again, consumers usually always just keep what they have. this is why the playstation 1 and 2 were failures, because gamers and consumers wanted to keep their black and white tv's and cartridge based consoles.

not to mention the fact that the ps3 will be hacked any second, leaving the system open for hackers to pirate the games the system does not have.

Kuest3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

The excuses fall with it too ^o^

Proxy3598d ago

Sony really needs to get some chainsaw sword fights into one of their games, then people will respect the PS3.


Kuest3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


psiom3598d ago

That was an epic reply. Kudos man.

Fanboys are the enemy of by one they must be shot down.

pswi603598d ago

thanks bud.

now let's please take this loser Kuest down to 1 bubble....

Kuest3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Don't worry... I'm sure PS3 will *prove* itself next year. If not then, there's always 2010.

----------------------------- ----------

Just as long as you know you're sleeping in third, mate!

pswi603598d ago

as long as you can sleep at night knowing the 360 is in second place, that's all i care about

psiom3598d ago

Still trying to bait people under the guise of meaningful discussion now are we?

Don't worry... I'm sure you'll discover something better to do one day.

By the way, what exactly, in your opinion, does the PS3 need to do to "prove" itself?

Let's break it down...
The PS3 is matching the 360's sales, period. It launched a year later, and is a year behind in sales. I wonder if you'd be calling the 360 a failure if it launched later and matched sales? Probably not.

The PS3 has had a great year of exclusives, with masses of critical acclaim. Harp on all you like about sales comparisons, but the fact remains that PS3 owners have some fantastic exclusives on top of all the best multis, so what needs to happen for this "proof" to exist in the eyes on a 360 fanboy like yourself?

I'm a PS3 owner, but I can appreciate all the qualities and games on offer in the 360 camp. I think the PS3's launch was terrible, but today, with the current lineup, no idiot can be convincing when they claim that the PS3 has nothing to offer and hasn't proven its worth.

Kuest3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

there's really no need for me to debate you. The sales speak for themselves, and it doesn't really matter what the PS3 is matching... it matters who's winning, and that's it.

This ain't sports, where everything can start equal, its industry where companies have to fight to gain market share. So far, Sony's been disappointing, despite it having a better lineup (which makes it even more pathetic) and if you want to put a happy face sticker on it, be me guest.

I just love seeing you guys squirm. It hasn't even been a day since the NPD article, and everyone's are already talking about 2009. I got no sympathy...

----------------------------- ----------------------

Dude, I am so chill right now, its not even funny. I am barely even typing. But its good to know I'm stirring your goat.

Anyways, no one claimed anything about 'won'. It is in fact you nut-cases in this thread who are- by some ungodly Miracle- proclaiming that PS3 will crown 2009 (yet ag... *yawn* I can't even say it).

So, of course, there's time for PS3 to take the lead, just admit its pretty unlikely as of now. Very unlikely. If not, than simply show me how you came with the crackpot theory that PS3 might succeed in 2009, if all the games you're talking about resemble that of the previous year.

GOW 3, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, HS, Uncharted, are all the same games from the casual perspective. Okay? They may be different to you, but there essentially the same hardcore titles Sony's been shipping like mediocre clock work. So, unless its trying to enlist more geeks in the cause, there's really nothing about next year. There, that good enough. And, by the way, I have talked essays about this crap. But, right now, I've just given up on you folks.

I'll pm you the link if you want, just tell me

psiom3598d ago



You haven't debated anyone.

You've done nothing in this thread except stir people with typical anti PS3 drivel.

I find it amusing that you've somehow missed the entire point of this article. A generation isn't 'WON' in a couple years, and sure as hell not in the couple years at the very beginning of the gen. It's about longevity, endurance, and the final roundup at the end of the cycle. Does this register with you? Makes sense yes? You're the one that brought up corporate-level success as the main issue here and what matters for these companies is what slice of the pie they'll be eating when all is said and one. And my friend, MS and Sony are still sayin' and doin'.

So chill out.

pswi603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

2009 is in like 2.5 weeks....

and nobody is asking you for anything.

you say it only matters who is winning? that would be me, the gamer. i'm winning because i have so many good games to play.

you are losing because, well, that's what losers go play your wii and suffer a wrist injury so we don't have to read your fanbot garbage

Narutone663598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

sell much more cars than a Porsche. Does it make the Porsche a failure? The 360 should be compared to the Wii in sale as it is almost the same in price, actually, the Wii is much more expensive. The Wii is not "HD" and it is still kicking the crap out of the 360 in sale.

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TheOtherSide3598d ago

Eventually it will, not in 07, 08, maybe 09 if not, we will wait to 10... or 11, one day it will come.

I have one and it is a excellent console and it does not need to prove itself, but I´m more of a "Xmen" myself.

thebudgetgamer3598d ago

but your console doesnt have to fill the monster shoes that is ps2


TruthBTold3598d ago

Every year keeps getting better. 2009 is just better than 08, so many great titles. This Sunday should be very exciting, Im anxious for GOW3 and Drakes 2.