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WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "While the gameplay in Blue Reflection: Second Light is a treat, the story is why it’s worth your time. I was left guessing up to the bitter end and blindsided by twists – to the point of audible obscenities. It’s so damn intriguing and had me extending my bedtime. I had to see how scenarios would unfold. Sure, the humour is an acquired taste, but even in those instances, the characters are bloody endearing. I couldn’t help but smile like an absolute dork. The localization is well done but suffers from trivial mishaps like the wording. Above all else, the dark subject matter helps balance the bubblegum aesthetic while giving the narrative another dimension. You know, there’s something seriously addicting about a title with crafting, and that holds here. By all accounts, this sequel is superior to the original game and I’m excited to see what’s next for this franchise."

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