PSXE: MLB Front Office Manager Preview

If you were the kind of kid who alphabetized, categorized, and fully protected all his baseball cards, and if you stay awake nights agonizing over you fantasy baseball team, than perhaps the standard, run-of-the-mill baseball games don't do anything for you. Maybe you crave ultimate control; maybe your dream job is to be a manager in the big leagues. Welcome in 2K's MLB Front Office Manager, scheduled to release towards the end of next month and guaranteed to cater to the hardcore. If you're not familiar with such titles, than this one probably isn't your cup of tea, primarily because you don't actually control any players on the field. No, your job as manager is to manage. According to GameSpot, 2K is well aware of their target audience, and it doesn't include the guys who sat back for a few rounds of RBI Baseball back in the day and only watch the ESPN highlights while falling asleep at night. So if you even have to question whether or not this one will appeal to you, the answer is probably "no." As for the rest of you…

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