New World Review - IGN

IGN : New World is a very pretty survival-MMORPG hybrid that saves its best moments for the endgame – but you have to be willing to grind like hell to get to them.

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Notellin188d ago

Way too high but we know IGN needs that Amazon ad money.

CrimsonWing69188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Well, depends on whether or not you think losing integrity is bad?

Thunder_G0d_Bane187d ago

Reviewing an mmo is just stupid. These kind of games evolve massively over time and aren’t stagnant like single player games.

Looking forward to Lost Ark release that game is a beast of an mmo can’t wait for it to launch.

Welshy187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Of course you can review an MMO, there is literally no game on the market released today that will remain in it's current state forever. Since when did a game not being in it's final form make it ineligible for review?

You basically just reworded Todd Howard's BS statement "it's not how you launch, it's where you end up" and it's just as untrue here.

-Foxtrot187d ago

It's called first impressions

The game has got to be strong at the start, the game it launches as, that's what should be judged. If something is a solid 9/10 then whatever comes after is going to feel like one bonus after another.

If a game is average or below at launch, then you're just going to think everything after is better automatically because the base game was lacklustre to begin with. That's how developers trick people into thinking they've done such a good job with the game because the majority of the things they drip feed to you as a player for years, calling it dedicated support for the game, is really just the rest of the game you should have gotten anyway.

hangdang187d ago

I gave up around level 25. It was just so boring and repetitive. I'd be surprised if anyone can make an MMO that would hook me anymore. Playing WoW in it's prime was the peak. Older now and nowhere near as much time to just sit and grind and grind and grind