Adam Sessler Responds to Kevin Pereira: "It's On"

Adam Sessler isn't one to take criticism lying down, so he responded to Kevin Pereira's criticism of Fable II being picked for Game of the Year in Tuesday's X-Play's Best of 2008. Sessler has accepted Pereira's challenge, and is poised to head to Attack of the Show to provide a response. Exactly what that response will be, we have no idea, but, according to Mr. Sessler, "It's on like f***ing Donkey Kong."

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rucky3649d ago

Entertainment at it's finest.

TheTwelve3649d ago

Hmmm...seeing two geeks go at it? Not sure about that. I highly prefer seeing two girls wrestling over this. Both are just as futile as the other but at least one looks good.


meepmoopmeep3649d ago

Adam Sessler:

"bu.. bu.. but i can now live my life long homophelic dreams of marrying a man. i've been shunned in society and my State doesn't allow gay marraiges and so Fable 2 has given me the chance to live my dreams. Fable 2 is GotY!!!"


Michael Jackson3649d ago

Adam is not Sessler's real name. He just made it up to compensate for his lack of an adam's apple.

Well, it sure sounds better than Balls Sessler.

INehalemEXI3649d ago

This reminds me of something from WWF...but with scrawny dudes.

Bnet3433649d ago

I go with Adam over Kevin "I'm a tool" Pereira. He thought Too Human was a good game. Adam knows a good game when he sees one.

Gamekilla3649d ago

1. Pick a controversial game of the year
2. Have one person on your channel disagree with another
3. Start a subtle but snowballing back and forth
4. Get hits for your website and Ratings for your TV show
5. PROFIT!!!!!

Mozilla893649d ago

I'm about 99% sure that this is scripted by G4 to get them back in the news a little bit. I haven't seen X-Play in a long time but man Sessler looks old!

MazzingerZ3649d ago

Yeah, if this was not pre-agreed, their bosses would have already stopped this...rating for them and for Fable 2...I'm sure that at the end the other guy will agree and say maybe Fable 2 deserves GOTY after for X360 games has no limits.

meepmoopmeep3649d ago

the winner is Gamekilla

you must have majored in marketing

mikeslemonade3649d ago

Why would they choose one peron to nominate what is game of the year. The company is so huge they should atleast have 10 people to discuss what really is game of the year. One person's opinion doesn't matter and doens't hold much weight.

SL1M DADDY3649d ago

And that all this is, is a ploy to gain points in the ratings. Imagine if you will. One guy on a particular network names a game that should not necessarily be GOTY, as their pick for GOTY and an uproar starts. Then, another guy on the same network I might add, challenges this GOTY and the uproar ensues yet again. Then they go head to head and everybody watches thus bringing up the ratings. It's pathetic.

SaiyanFury3649d ago

Gamekilla is right. Much of G4's people read from scripts so they can get more viewing, especially at this time of year where the games market really has a lot of sales. I prefer to get my information from something other than G4 about 100% of the time. Who knows, maybe MS threw money at G4, Lord knows they seem to do it for everything else.

JsonHenry3649d ago

Lol, my money is on Kevin.

jrsenkbe3649d ago

Kevin is the better TV person overall, however both are tools when it comes to rating games. They let their biased's get in the way, along with the potential money from companies, like EA or MS. The only reason people think they matter in the game world is because there the only ones on TV talking about games in a prime time spot.

prowiew3649d ago

I bet for Adam. Fable 2 definitely deserve the game of the year. I applaud them for not picking the obvious and go for the real game of the year. im sorry guys, but fable 2 is my game of the year, Ive been saying this since I played the game.

meepmoopmeep3649d ago

Adam Sessler: "GAYble.. i mean, Fable 2 is GotY"


pixelsword3649d ago

...except be a good and entertaining show.

DNAgent3649d ago

If this is entertainment at it's finest then I would hate to see it at it's lowest because I am sure they would look similar.

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Timesplitter143649d ago

I'm not really angry at him anymore. This just made me realise that everyone has their own opinions and they're not evil just because of their preferences. Fable 2 is a great game afterall....

Anyway, this is entertaining

NDN_Shadow3649d ago

Seriously, when X-Play did their staff picks, Adam was the only one who suggested Resistance 2. Source here:

MasterBlaster3649d ago

Every one does have their own opinion but when you are a major gaming publication that many people are going to listen to and decide what games to buy then your opinion should at least be close to a good one. I'm sure there will be people that agree that Fable 2 is GOTY but when you think about it there probably will be people that say that Too Human is GOTY but that doesn't mean they are right.

mesh13649d ago

HAHAH I LOVE HOW PEOPLE BYPASS THAT it was awarded goty by a grou of people not adam sessler personally . also i love how they owned you guys 1st they sens that guy to say fable 2 is not goty( staged ofc)then they annouce a battle between him and sessler to argue the pointr hahah knowing that a lot a lot of people would love to see this meaning they get a massive boost in viewers this idea of that guy calling out sessle was all planned before hand .

The Matrix3649d ago

Fable 2 not quite the game of the year in most people's opinions but xplay is entitled to it's opinion.

GiantEnemyCrab3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

"at least be close to a good one."

Which I assume is something you like right Master Blaster? What does it take for people to realize that these are opinions.

And now I will share mine; IT WAS A GOOD CHOICE!

You started off good but then failed with that quote.

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Capital G3649d ago

when an 89 average game is goty you know its good time to be a 360 owner :-)

Michael Jackson3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

What does the G stand for? Garbage?
Well, that's Garbage with a capital G. :)

Durffen3649d ago

So when a game gets good ratings, it's good to be a 360 owner?

I understand your trying to be funny. But seriously, anytime is a good time to own any console.

Aclay3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

LOL, Capital G, your avatar looks like a Mugshot.

A video game rating really has nothing to do with GOTY, really it all just comes down to personal preference by the video game site.

As long as G4's GOTY pick wasn't GTA4, I respect their opinion.

beavis4play3649d ago

sorry, capital g....when an 89 360 game gets GOTY; it just means a bunch of xbox fanboys were voting.

tehReaper3649d ago


No, it just means everyone has an opinion. Only fanboys use metacritic and any variation of it. On X-Play it got a 5/5. Does that mean they're wrong? Nope, it just means they enjoyed the game more than others.

No Way3649d ago

I don't know how with as many disagrees you get for every comment in which you post, you STILL have five bubbles..


Chug3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Capital G is a Nine Inch Nails song. But in his case, yes G probably stands for

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TOO PAWNED3649d ago

I am sure that there is video in existence of Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira doing "2 guys 1 cup", there is such vid in some secret vault.

Wenis3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Someone needs to tell them that pointing fingers is rude.