Halo Infinite Multiplayer Designer Joins Respawn For A New Star Wars Project

Patrick Wren has left 343 Industries to join Respawn to work on a Star Wars game.


"Stars Reach" MMORPG Announced by Raph Koster: A Spiritual Successor to Star Wars Galaxies

Discover "Stars Reach," the new MMORPG by Raph Koster, featuring a dynamic universe, procedurally generated planets, and robust player housing and economy.

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MestreRothN4G56m ago

Raph Koster wrote the #1 most influential game design book. Nice to see a game coming from him.


Sukeban Games Announces Spiritual Successor to Parasite Eve

Venezuelan indie developer Sukeban Games has revealed their latest project, a spiritual successor to the cult classic Parasite Eve, .45 PARABELLUM BLOODHOUND

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Chocoburger3d ago

Most indie 'spiritual successor games' miss the mark, but hopefully this one will land. Good luck.


Bethesda Game Studios developers form 'wall to wall' union

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer is a union shop now.

porkChop2d ago

That's good to see. For the last 5-10 years every spring the gaming industry has seen mass layoffs after reporting record profits. It's disgusting. This industry needs more unionization to offer some protection to the people who make these games possible.

DarXyde1d 3h ago

Many industries need unions.

Michiel198920h ago

that's the price you pay to conduct your business in the land of the free. Stuff like that doesn't happen over here

coldfire9848h ago

Unions are rarely if ever good for the consumer. Often good for the worker but not for us consumers.

Christopher7h ago

Yes, consumers no longer benefit from overworked and underpaid labor, aka decrease in overhead that allows them to sell goods made at a lower price. Kind of the reason things are made in China rather than the U.S. Well thought out.

But, now hear me out, what if the 'good to see' comment wasn't about being a consumer but a caring, apathetic fellow human being who wants to see people get paid what they're worth and not just get laid off all willy-nilly when the suits need to make their books look good for the FY reporting and make more money for shareholders who don't do any of the work either?

MrDead1d 17h ago

It's too late for Tango and Arkane Austin but fingers crossed that this will help. MS could have a friend in the White House soon though, and his thoughts on Union's should be worrying all in the US.

MeteorPanda1d 17h ago

GOOD. Stop taking it in the ass from shareholders "we want a space game" but our fans want elderscrolls "YES BUT SPACE IS HUGE LOOK AT STAR CITIZEN!"