Call of Duty vs Battlefield: The Decades-Long Rivalry Explained

IGN : Battlefield and Call of Duty. One brought giant-scale all-out warfare to the mainstream. The other brought the mainstream to first-person shooters. Call of Duty and Battlefield are both titans of the FPS genre, attached at the hip and endlessly pit against one another, and 2021 sees the two heavyweights going toe-to-toe again, with the launches of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 just a couple of weeks apart. Join us as we chart the storied battle Call of Duty and Battlefield as they wade through million-dollar lawsuits, high-profile terminations, last-minute developer changes and bug-riddled launches.

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Hikoran71d ago

Yeah, and about as fruitful as the Playstation vs Xbox debate.

Ninver71d ago

Yeah they've both lost their way

D3TH_D33LR70d ago

Battlefield is becoming more like cod with every release and always decided to chase the trends of other shooters. Not to say cod doesn’t do the same thing, but while I admire battlefields attempts, call of duty has a polish and presentation that I’m sure Dice wishes they had. Cod has multiple iterations every year but I won’t lie, I really enjoy the more tactical and realistic approach they attempt to make with the modern warfare series as of late. I honestly wish bf would stop chasing trends though and give us another incredible high desctruction classic like bad company 2 was. If we have to use portal to live out those incredible games however, so be it. But 2042s new mode and hazard zone kinda fall flat on their face with no real pull to keep players playing