Disco Elysium: A Masterpiece That’s Impossible to Discuss

The Outerhaven writes: We've played some great games this year but Kyle has some thoughts about how good Disco Elysium is. He's just having some trouble putting the words together.

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ElvisHuxley73d ago

It truly is. Some of the best writing and voice acting I've ever seen in any medium. Severely underrated game.

NecrumOddBoy72d ago

Best writing ever in my opinion. Most intelligent use of political and religious verbiage mixed with multiple blended languages and created terminology too. This game is absolutely a masterpiece in dialog. Feels like Crime and Punishment but in an interactive entertainment medium.

Magog72d ago

Have you played Vagrant Story? Brilliant writing IMO.

ElvisHuxley72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

It really reads like a great book. Crime and Punishment is a lofty comparison, but I find it hard to argue with. The characters are all fantastic too. I find myself getting lost in even little stuff like the squabbling of two war vets, and the voice in the intro, combined with the dialogue, just wow. Surprisingly funny too, the humor is dark, but I find myself laughing out loud frequently.
@Magog I played it a little when I was a kid, but don't remember, and I was too dumb back then to pick up on the subtleties of good writing. I'll have to find a way to check it out again, I've always heard great things.

TheRealTedCruz72d ago

The writing easily stands shoulder to shoulder with Planescape:Torment, and that's a glowing compliment.

anast72d ago

Not in the same league as Dostoevsky, but the game really stands out. The writing combined with the figurative art style makes for a unique experience, which is rare for a video game.

thorstein72d ago

The good news is that they are not done with Elysium.

Ninver71d ago

Anyone remember In Cold Blood?

Tapani71d ago

@Magog, Agree 100%. Vagrant Story is incredibly well written and directed. Both in Japanese and English.

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theindiearmy71d ago

It's an absolute stellar game, but I don't see how it can be considered underrated, let alone "severely" underrated. Everyone I know who likes these style of games has played and beaten the game. It got a 92 on OpenCritic with 96% of reviewers recommending it. It won more awards at The Game Awards show than any other game that year and won everything it was nominated for. It's the 11th highest-rated game on Metacritic, of all time.

DoctorOswin71d ago

I can't wait to see what ZA/UM gives us in the future.

TheRealTedCruz71d ago

Anytime a smaller budget game like this does well, but doesn't sell in the numbers that you see with something like cod, all of a sudden games journos call it a "hidden gem".

Sorry the game didn't sell 5 billion copies, and have a marketing budget that could afford you your own personal island.

The game did well. So well they were able to add content, and port it to other platforms. So well we're still talking about it this long after launch. We'll be talking about it on best of RPGs list decades down the road.

SurgicalMenace71d ago

The writing and the humor are second to none. I mean, Hades and Torment are great but not to the level of Elysium.

Tapani71d ago

I don't think it's underrated at all! It also sold pretty well for that type of a game. I'm at the very last part, almost finished. What an incredible internal and external journey it has been. It kind of defined me as a person quite a bit. Looking forward to their next game! I don't even need it to be larger in scale, just hope they keep up the quality.

DoctorOswin69d ago

Yeah this article wasn't made to talk about how it's underrated. It's just to talk about how it's a good game and hard to put into words.

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Ethereal72d ago

Looking forward to my physical copy this winter. Need to push this up on the need to play list. It's getting long these days...

DoctorOswin72d ago

I really want to buy the collector's edition.

Ethereal71d ago

It's rad but man is it pricey.

swifty172d ago

I got stuck at the part where you have 3 truckers or something hanging around that closed gate and you have to figure out what to do , great game I should get back at it and follow a guide to get past this part

DoctorOswin72d ago

Talk to the racist guy standing near the Fritte(general store where you sell bottles), he'll send you to the Asian guy south and you can find out some info on the smuggler from him. Then you can go to the one kid who's leaning on the truck in front of the WiR OR go back to the racist guy near the Fritte and they'll both provide you with an answer on which truck you need to find.

swifty171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Omg this is awesome thank you I didn’t think anyone would answer, or know what I was talking about! Going to get back in thanks dude

Ninver71d ago

I haven't played this game but I gave you a thumbs up for taking the time to provide the gamer with info.

DoctorOswin71d ago

Glad I could help man. It can be quite a pickle to figure out, especially if you think the one they're talking about is another person to the east. There's a bit of a red herring at that part.

TheRealTedCruz72d ago

One of the best, and most interesting RPG experiences I've had in a long time. Modern day classic.

DoctorOswin72d ago

For sure. I was hooked and loved every moment of it.

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