What is Home?

The release of Home was not a easy development for Sony, it took many years and a lot of man hours. For people that are not really sure what home is about can now read a very interesting article on

A timeline and feature list is on it.

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pp3599d ago

It's a place on PS3 for Droids,Retards,Gays can gather together and have a Massive ORGY.

Jessica Alba3599d ago

What is Home?

Home is a social Networking hub developed exclusively for the Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3599d ago

Something the xBot Zombie Lemmings will NEVER have!!! ;-D

I bet you the xBox 360 couldn't even run HOME!!! ;-D
(Oh i have just been on it and it's running ok) ;)

blackbeld3599d ago

HOME is fun virtual living place.

Where the Sony gaming community come together all across the world.
Social people with the hard of gaming and meet new friends.

Remember only on PS3 Playstation Network!!!!!!

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Mr PS33599d ago

Were there are NO BoTs Allowed !!

pornflakes3599d ago

What is home?

Its just another flop, although ppl said 1 year ago "Wait until".

hektop3599d ago


I am glad you are a XBOX360 perv user. Pornflakes what a stupid name

Sez 3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

is there a way to uninstall home from you HDD on the ps3. i tried it out last night for about an 1 1/2 hours last not. just not into it. keep making me feel like i'm messing second life and FF online.( damn i miss those games now)


no. i don't like the whole "every zone you walk into has to be installed before loading the area thing. the arcade is kind of (sorry if old)whack. the mall looks ok. but it just makes me feel like i should reinstall second life and FFXI online back on my P.C.
they should have done one big install so all you had to go thru was the loading of the area. i know it's one time thing. but it's annoying when you have install places you haven't been yet plus wait for it to load up.

hektop3599d ago

call Sony and ask for your $49.99 usd yearly fee.

kevnb3599d ago

what does that have to do with anything? He wants home off his ps3, its free but he doesn't like it... must be a 360 fanboy right?

hektop3599d ago

ok since you really want to get rid of it, hit the triangle and choose delete and it's gone.

Before you do that did you found the trophies?

WANNA GET HIGH3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It over hyped.I just came out from home not to long ago and after all the delays it got and how it was hyped to change online community i have to say it was TOO OVER HYPED.I dont think i will be spending much time in home, IMO it was boring,u just run around,talk to random people,i hate playing cheese,that ice breaker game is crap,and i dont want to be watching trailers for games.I can understand what sony was trying to do but i have to be very honest when i say home is crap.I got both consoles and i still think live is better than psn even with home including.

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kevnb3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

can you stop flaming me when I say it was a huge waste of time and resource? Did we really need second life on our consoles? Just think of who will actually use this...

hektop3599d ago

a lot more people than you think

Bolts3599d ago

The comparison to Second Life is invalid. Second Life is a MMO with a persistent world where you can walk from one location into another. Home is a series of disconnected instances. You can't walk from your house to the plaza and you can't walk from the plaza to the mall. You merely port from one instance to the next via your PDA.

darkequitus3599d ago

That is the problem I have with Home. No cohesion. Pre and predictive caching is not something you can simply shoehorn into an existing software structure. Ask valve and the makers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

I will give it a chance, but al the loading and standing around is annoying.


YonasJonas3599d ago

then again I already expected it to turn out this way. It kinda worries me that sony spent so much time, money, and effort on this as well as postponing/possibly canceling 8 Days for this.

hektop3599d ago

It seems you did not had the opportunity to play pool, bowling, the different arcade games, did you found the trophies?, did you got the awards from high scores in the arcades?, did you found the secret doors in Fallout?, did you preview the songs in the listening booth? Did you create your own club?, did you lunch a Warhawk game from location?, did you made any friends?

that sounds more than standing around.

darkequitus3599d ago

you I did not play any pool, bowling etc because they were all busy. I could not get a game for love nor money.

Friends? Well the lone female avatar was making enough friend for everyone else.


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