Take-Two CEO Likes VR, More To Come After GTA: San Andreas

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick suddenly likes VR and thinks there could be more to come after GTA: San Andreas.

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Orchard507d ago

Facebook (or Meta) must pay good money for VR ports :P

roadkillers505d ago

No kidding, they are pulling the biggest games of the PS2 generation. GTA:SA and RE4...

Lol, lets get Manhunt on that beast.

Mr_cheese505d ago

I can hear the rally cries of protest at just the thought haha

ApocalypseShadow505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Good. I like it too. Bring the full GTA V, RDR2 and L.A. Noire to VR.

Facebook must have got wind that GTA V might be a NGVR launch title. So, they grabbed something that that headset could run. Still should be good either way. But that port check must have been substantial to make Zelnick smile.

Profchaos505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

That's a huge change of heart must of seen the$$$ signs and I'm very happy he's changed his outlook on VR

12 months prior he said

"There was all this hype for years about VR, and I wasn't very compelled by that," Zelnick said. "Thankfully, as a result, we didn't waste any money on it."

galgor505d ago

Just give us Bully 2 you cowards.

ArnoDorian505d ago

You can go Bully in VR then

giveyerheadawobble505d ago

If they are saying this, then GTAV for either PCVR or the PSVR2 is a shoe in. I recall there also being strands of code found in RDR2 pertaining to VR. RDR2 in VR would be absolutely mind blowing. Just to be in that environment alone would be something to see.

ApocalypseShadow505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

It seems fairly obvious. With Sony going big for VR next round, the GTA name would have to show up on their VR game list. Not sure about PC as there isn't a big developer willing to pay for it. And Lone Echo 2 was the last coming from Facebook. It's all stand alone for them. And Valve just sits on their butts. Epic doesn't have a headset. My guess is that Sony will allow GTA, if it's coming, to also be on PC. PC is going to benefit greatly from NGVR.

Zuckerberg knows with the announcement of San Andreas for Oculus...Meta...whatever.. Lol. But big names are coming for VR. Guaranteed. There are gamers that will disagree or deny it, but it's going to happen. The checks are in the mail to make it happen.