Even more new Heavy Rain screen shots

Quantic Dream has published some truly stunning Heavy Rain screen shots. Check them out at the link.

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Gambit073601d ago

I'm guessing the Christian Bale guy is the killer... shiat I just spoiled the ending :(

- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago

I don't know man he looks like he's dying.

elorm93601d ago

For a sec I thought these were fake

Ju3600d ago

I have a bit of a trouble with these shots. The res is 1600x891 (weird, if it would be some 1080 scaling, a even factor would 1600x900 or so). And the faces are concepts. No real in game shots here. Pretty, and we all have seen the in game presentation, but these are not in game, sure not. Wonder why they do this ?

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Carbide73601d ago

Oh my God, those faces.....they look....real

Carbide73601d ago

Thanks... and damn, yea, they do look crazy. Just makes me even more curious to see what Santa Monica and Naughty Dog has in store for us Sunday.

Bnet3433601d ago

This game looks amazing, but that "no skills required" comment by the dev scares me a little. I'm going to keep my eye on this one.

LightningPS3PS33601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It's starting to look like those hollywood crime dramas, like the Devils advocate or The Devici Code or whatever. Basically it's looks like a New York crime drama.

I really hope it has nothing to do with religion or supernatural. They say it doesn't.

That one guy has the face of a detective, and that other skinny guy looks like a typical junky thug or something.

Also, if you look as some of the screen shots of that one house, it's clearly an indication that there's a child involved, with the slides and things outside the house and the drawnings on the fridge.

I kind of see where this is going. I hope it's not as obvious as a kidnapping, and an investigation that follows and a father of the verge of loosing it, willing to kill, and all the typical drama that goes with it. We have seen it before in Ranson and John Q. David Cage promised a good story, so good that I couldn't figure it out just by a few screen shots, I hope.

I was more hyped by that pretty hot women, finding those stuffed bodies in the suburbs and then being chased by that bad guy. But it's starting to look too much like indigo prophecy now, where you played as detectives a lot, and it look place in the city life of New York.

And those aren't even screen shots, just drawings and concept art.

- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago

David Cage confirmed that there won't be any Matrix-like Neo characters in Heavy Rain so you don't have to worry about that lol. And yes there's some artwork as well but it's easy to tell those apart from the screen shots.

Gambit073601d ago

I hope this won't be pushed to 2010... 2010, sounds very futurey.

Panthers3601d ago

wheres my flying car and meals in pill form

LightningPS3PS33601d ago

The mid aged, non dying looking one. He looks a lot like the guy who came out in 300.

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The story is too old to be commented.