Dead by Daylight Leaks Raises the Conjuring Hopes

We know that Chapter 23 is going to be based on the Conjuring series, the horror movie series that follows supernatural investigators- but we don't know who will be the survivors or the killers

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Knightofelemia76d ago

What are they going to bring over Annabelle or the Nun? The Crooked Man I can kind of see since he appeared in The Conjuring 2. But it was also announced the Crooked Man is also suppose to get a movie of his own who knows if he will look the same in his movie as he did in the Conjuring 2. The only other one I can see is Bathsheba Sherman from the first Conjuring movie. Unless they are going to tap into room the Warrens have like the Bride, the Werewolf, the Samurai which all appeared in Annabelle comes home. I wonder if Annabelle Higgins would also appear The Conjuring and the movies that spawned form it I love.