Moonglow Bay Review // WellPlayed

Mark from WellPlayed writes: "Pure joy from start to finish, Moonglow Bay delights in its colour and story with some well executed fishing mechanics."

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gamer780483d ago

This game has a focus of pushing their political agenda just be aware before buying or letting your kids play.

GortJester82d ago

Oh yeah? Can you provide a bit of detail?

gamer780482d ago

I haven’t played it just research but you start by picking your pronouns, character can be n a same sex relationship and many members of the town are lgbt. (These might not be an issue if you are an adult with a developed mind but you might not be ready or your child ready to discuss these things)

WillyC00982d ago

Lol wow…gamer7804,

There is so much wrong in your entire statement that I’m not even going to begin to try and decipher it.

gamer780482d ago

@willy if I have posted something incorrect please let me know what’s wrong as I have not played the game