Who Could Buy The FIFA Licence If EA Don’t Keep It?

Rumours have been circulating that what would be known as FIFA 23 may instead be known as EA Sports FC. This has made us wonder what, if any developers may try and scoop the FIFA licence.

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Melankolis88d ago

Maybe Microsoft could. EA Sports FC can be rebranded as FIFA for Xbox only. Or maybe i just give them the idea....

Vits88d ago

Really doubt that Microsoft would pay the reported 1 billion just for the branding and then share that with EA.

Christopher88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Considering PlayStation is the biggest market for FIFA, don't see that happening.

Edit: "This is reflected in the breakdown of platforms for the boxed sales of FIFA 22. Last-gen consoles were the most popular for those buying physical versions of the game, with the PS4 coming in at 41% of sales and the Xbox One at 27%.

Looking at new-gen consoles, the PS5 trumped the Xbox Series X by a considerable margin. 23% of boxed sales were for the PS5 version of the game, while just 4% of those sales were for the Xbox Series X|S version."

ken281387d ago

I never understood why we got to down vote people for posting facts/data??? I wish we could all grow up and have a grown up discussion!

Profchaos87d ago

Highly unlikely Microsoft would pay the rumoured amount. And I'm sure there would be caveats in place like MLB dropped on Sony no exclusivity.

Atticus_finch87d ago

Which is a good reason why MS would want to do it.

FacelessGaming87d ago

Imagine having a football game exclusive to Microsoft and a football game exclusive to Sony, it could make both developers put even more effort into the games.

TheGreatGazoo3086d ago

Obviously MS could since they have cash reserves of over $130 billion. Problem is then building a new game from scratch or give it to (or buy) a studio that already makes soccer games. It'd be a great GamePass game, but I think its unlikely.

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Terry_B88d ago

Ubisoft probably. They just love to create the same game again and again anyway and are really good with that.

purple10188d ago

Not as good as ea but a close second.

Christopher88d ago

Activision, EA, Bethesda Softworks, etc. Most of the biggest developers tend to focus on making the same games over and over by the logic people see Ubisoft games being the same.

Relientk7788d ago

I'm assuming it will go to Take-Two. Then they get NBA, PGA, and now FIFA games.

FacelessGaming87d ago

I'd be intrigued to see what Take-Two would come up with with a football game.

Destiny108088d ago

no one is giving fifa, a billion bucks, whoever didn't get a deal done with EA needs to be fired

EA were paying around 500 million every 4 years, that's 125 million a year, what company can loss a contract that's worth 125 million every year, apparently fifa can

Profchaos87d ago

FIFA know how much money EA make from the game. And the fact it's churned out yearly I'm sure they believe anyone can do it so when they raised that amount to $1 billion they thought easy money. They will probably learn the hard way.

Kaozz197987d ago

I have a feeling that FIFA will split it into multiple little licenses by continent or even leagues.

FacelessGaming87d ago

It is definitely going to be interesting to see what happens next.

Knightofelemia87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I'd like to see Sega take on sports games again they use to pump out some good sports games. I just want EA to lose the license so one I can have a good laugh and two hopefully other sports leagues will consider dropping EA. I would love to buy a new NHL game that doesn't have the letters EA on the cover. But at a billion bucks I highly doubt Sega will join the FIFA world.

FacelessGaming87d ago

I always enjoyed Virtua Striker back in the day, I do wonder what a modern day Virtua Striker would be like.

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