Downloading Full Games: Makes Sense for Microsoft, Not So Much for Sony

Downloading full titles has long been coveted by console gamers across the globe; who wouldn't want the ability to download a full game, such as Call of Duty 4, and have it sit on your hard drive? Not only would this speed up load times, keep the console quieter, and use less power and heat, it would also save your legs the trouble of getting up to pop in the disc.

And with the recent slip-up by Peter Molyneux, it looks like that future is coming to the Xbox 360. And you know what, it makes sense on the Xbox 360.

However, the PS3 having the same feature is illogical, impractical, and almost impossible


The article has been updated with some counterarguments by the author.

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Darkseider3602d ago

This article is just plain fail.

"However, the PS3 having the same feature is illogical, impractical, and almost impossible " Using the size of the games as a reason why.

Let's me start by syaing it has had this feature from DAY ONE. There are plenty of full games downloadable and they work just fine. Ooh and one last thing. How can this make more sense for the 360 than the PS3 seeing that ALL PS3s have hard drives and the drives are user replaceable with units of up to one terabyte?

Kleptic3600d ago

well he is using the phrase 'full game' in a misleading way I think...

he is talking about just putting disc based retail games on the PS store...and even forgot that one is already there (Burnout paradise)...however, then justifies his argument by saying BP is a 'simple' multiplatform game...

he is right in some ways...putting MGS4 or Killzone 2 in all their ~48 gig glory is pretty ridiculous...however the 360, with its max capacity of about 8 gigs per disc makes it more practical...I agree that its pretty pointless on the 360 as well, with its ridiculous HDD price gouging...and the fact that the base 360 sku doesn't even include one...

but whatever...thats for 360 owners to worry about...but yeah, don't expect Killzone 2 or GoW III to be easily downloadable...BD is one of the bigger advantages the PS3 has now (carmack confirmed it, don't argue with him), it wouldn't make a lot of sense to by pass it entirely at the cost of HDD space...

WANNA GET HIGH3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

This article = EPIC FAIL... :/

chaosatom3602d ago

Not on Xbox.


Guy just wants to get attention i guess. Pretty sad.

Capital G3601d ago

lamo burnout paradise was a sub par rental and criteron wanted to throw SONY a bone

SONY have dug themselves a hole they wont be able to get out of until they release ps4

The Killer3601d ago

thats why there is games called PSN games, is to be small(like the size of 360 games) and to be downloaded to ur hard drive(that all ps3's have unlike 360)

Time Lord3600d ago

Do we have mods in N4G?

IzKyD13313600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

agreed, this guy is stupid, he doesn't think Warhawk and SOCOM count as full games, and Burnout only takes 5 GB (its not on LIVE at all)
and not to mention GT5P

Real Gambler3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Only one gig but totally awesome.

Wow, do I want to smoke the same stuff this guy is smoking!!! How come jokes like that get posted on NEWS 4 gamers!!!! Any devs can make games any size they want.

On the other side, if I was a dev, and wanted to make downloadable games, I would look at my market first... Sure, there's more 360 on the markets now, but a good chunk of those are Core and Arcade versions, with no drives, while ALL PS3 have a hard drive. So if I wanted to make a game between 500meg and 4 gig, I think they would go PS3 first....

40cal3600d ago

Burnout Paridise, Warhawk, Socom Confrantation, A ton of PSone classics, Siren: Blood Curse= download only and some scary $h!t, and Gran Turismo 5P.

So while Sony is already offering full games for download, Microsoft keeps talking about it? Hmmm?

INehalemEXI3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

oh really... What an enlightening article.


Genesis53600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

So what do you do after you have bought 4 or 5 full sized games? Buy a new machine. No thanks. I'll just stay with the disk like the other 99.5% of the population.

By the way digital data on BR disk can be compressed for storge on a hard drive. It is left uncompressed on the disk because it offers less distortion.

MazzingerZ3600d ago


Warhawk, GT5P, Burnout, Wipeout HD, SOCOM...SIREN is almost 10 GB.

Why people don't check first?

It's like the gametrailers show where Patcher, Kotaku don't have idea about how the PS3 online works not use it but they still give their opinions when comparing it against XBL...opinions based on what they saw 2 years ago...

Mozilla893600d ago

100% of PS3 owners have hard drives while the same cannot be said for the 360 so obviously the 360 is the console that should put full games available for download. Also the most common hard drive out there is the 20 gig so that HDD is gonna get filled pretty fast. Besides the PSN already has full games online.

gaffyh3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

LOL. So many simple reasons why it makes more sense for PS3 than 360.
1. HDD on every model
2. No File size limit
3. Warhawk, GT5P, Burnout, Wipeout HD, SOCOM, Siren and I'm sure many more to come.

EDIT: Also AMAZING amount of Anti-PS3 articles today, although I'm not surprised to see these "kick them while they're down" articles, but this is worse than Anti-360 articles when the 360 does bad.

f7897903600d ago

We will never be allowed to sell them. And what if you want to play that game you never got a chance to? Well sorry they dont offer that for download anymore. Also rental games and Gamefly will all disappear in favor of digital rental. Small games are okay but big ones need to stay on disc (burnout paradise).

-EvoAnubis-3599d ago

One word. Siren.

As in, the game that couldn't fit on DVD if it had a retail launch. On 360? Nope. On PSN.

Past that, I can get a 500GB HDD for my PS3 for $120. How much is the 500GB 360 HDD? Oh . . . no such thing. This idea is looking worse and worse.....

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rucky3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"Downloadable games are a very happy thought, and it looks like Xbox 360 owners will be able to do more than just think about them soon; however, the future doesn’t look as bright for PS3 owners hoping to download full games, mostly because the games are so darn large."

For big exclusive games maybe but not impossible for multiplatform games. This is already tried and true with Burnout Paradise and add to that the ps3's low cost expandable harddrive option. So how does that doesn't make sense when PS3 already has the best of both worlds.

Lombax3602d ago

I cant load the "full article" but I don't think I really need too after reading:

"However, the PS3 having the same feature is illogical, impractical, and almost impossible"

WarHawk? Burnout? GT5p? Socom? Siren: Blood Curse?

So... uhm... yeeeaaaahhh..... >.>

Lou-Cipher3602d ago

The only reason the 360 needs full game downloads over PS3 is because it would help out the limited disc space that the 360 uses(DVD9)but the fact that alot of 360s don't come with hard drives makes it not as good of option as PS3 for full game downloads.

Parapraxis3602d ago

This article fails on so many levels it's not even funny.
The PS3 has full titles that you can download that are also available at retail. The 360 has NONE.
And HDD space? All PS3's come with HDDs and upgrading to any notebook HDD is cheap and easy. Not all 360's have hard drives, and 360 owners have to buy overpriced HDDs that are solely built by MS.
What a load of BS.