Hitting Lightspeed With Evasive Space's Development Team

Geometry Wars showed the world a thing or two about Xbox Live Arcade development. Basic, old-school gaming is fine but you have to make it fun. If you can make it challenging, even better – Geometry Wars thrived on its ever-increasing difficulty.

Though that gameplay philosophy may have been applied to the upcoming Evasive Space, a new WiiWare game from YUKE'S and High Voltage, the inspiration comes from a wide range of sources. "We were given a jumping off point from YUKE'S Irritating Stick and the 'Bunnies are A-Mazing' mini game in Raving Rabbits," said Lewis L. Harris II, Lead Designer at High Voltage. "We liked the concept of Irritating Stick but the controls were definitely tailored to dual-analog. And Bunnies was just too short of an experience on which to base an entire title.

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