N64 Games That Actually Aged Well

Star Wars Rogue Squadron. That’s the list. You can all go home. I’m just kidding, of course. The N64 had a lot of unforgettable titles throughout its run.

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Jiub515d ago

Quest 64, while simple and short, would certainly fit on this list. So would a few others.

JEECE515d ago

Lol Mario Kart 64. That's the perfect example of nostalgia blinding people from seeing how badly a game has aged. Great at the time, but the controls are abysmal now. People ripped on Double Dash at the time, but it aged much better. Unfortunately for people my age N64 is so attached to their childhood that any criticism of any game is taken like an insult to their family honor or something.

franwex515d ago

I guess to each their own. But I still think Mario Kart 64 is good all these years later.

NotoriousWhiz515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

I still enjoy playing N64 games, the only ones that truly haven't aged well are the FPS games : Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Although the Turok games have aged well as it uses a better control scheme (move with C buttons, aim with control stick)

metalgod88515d ago

Wave Race 64 is absolutely fantastic. Racing games are my jam, but I remember this game being really tough because the rough weather and strong waves were pushing my jet ski around slamming me into obstacles haha. I wish I had an N64 so I could replay it.

YoungKingDoran515d ago

Duke Nukem 64 and Doom 64. Also the recently english translation of Shiren 2 looks and plays great

Venoxn4g514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Conker & Star fox 64