Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Review [Nintendo Switch] | Unfocused & Unenjoyable - GameByte

GameByte writes: "As much as I love the Fatal Frame series, I’m not at all hopeful for the future of the series if the publisher thinks this title will renew any interest in it. It’s cumbersome, unfocused and simply not fun to play."

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KingofBandits704d ago

Its also censored, that leaves a bad taste in potential buyer mouths'. I like the series and wanted to support it but between the lack of world wide physical release and the censorship I'm going to pass.

HeliosHex704d ago

Is this the one with the sexy lingerie removed? Get it on pc. Mods will fix that.

CrimsonWing69704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

Yea the censorship just irks me.

And before anyone says get over digital titillation, I’m going to stop you there. It has nothing to do with that. I’d be saying the same thing if it were violence or anything. When something gets censored it feels like I don’t have the complete product. It’s also annoying that someone else is making the judgement call for me on what I’m allowed to see.

Riku07704d ago

I agree with you 100 percent. The Wii U version isn’t censored right?


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Fatal Frame Black Water Success Contributed to Lunar Eclipse Remaster

Koei Tecmo confirmed that the success of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water contributed to the new remaster of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.

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Vits379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

I mean that was sort of obvious.
There was literally nothing on this franchise, then they ported Maiden of Black Water likely because it was the easier one to translate to modern devices being a Wii U title and all. And now we are getting a remaster of the 4th title. So it stands to reason that Maiden of Black Water was successful enough to start the whole process.

Sirk7x378d ago

A remaster of the Fatal Frame 2 remake that was on Wii would be very welcome as well. That game is great. Scared the crap out of me the first time I played it as well lol.


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