Top 10 Most Annoying Men in Video Games

It's awfully common to hear about the most annoying female video game characters. In fact, TGR wrote up a top ten list just the other day. But what about the men? There are some god-awful male characters in gaming. Some of them complain to beat the band, some like to hinder your gameplay experience by being completely obnoxious twits, and then there are some who are just outright traps. Without further ado, the top ten most annoying male characters.

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koreymcmurtrey3601d ago

Ugh. I couldn't stand Tingle either. But if I'm not mistaken, I think he's super popular in both Europe and Japan, right?

predator3601d ago

Honda should be up there instead of him with those annoying button mashing punch for the fast hand slaps

cain1413601d ago

Tingle was beyond annoying...

ihaten4glol3601d ago

Freakin' Otis. I'd like to slap him in the face with my transmitter.

dannyhinote_133601d ago

Seconded. Otis, in combination with DR's save system, made me stop playing that game.

cain1413601d ago

The save system was terrible...

italianbreadman3601d ago

Vaan is SO WEAK.
I always found Vega to be the most annoying street fighter, though.

Edge Maverick3601d ago

Vaan...well, he was about as cliche a male RPG lead as any...except no stressed love angle to make me even remotely care for his existence like Tidus.

SAiOSiN3601d ago

all square-enix/ squaresoft characters are downright queer. i can't stand all the emo kids with oversized swords and what not. hopefully ff13 and ffv13 won't be disappointing.

Product3601d ago

i think that would be any Final Fantasy character who looks a woman.
"look at my professionally straightened hair"

cain1413601d ago

Pretty much... Never got into those sorta games for the most part.