Arcade 1UP’s Terminator 2 Arcade Machine going up for preorder in November

The Outerhaven writes: While the Arcade 1UP Terminator 2 Arcade Machine was leaked and shown during 2020, the cabinet has been officially revealed and will be going up for preorder soon.

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ApocalypseShadow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Very cool that the company is bringing the arcade back for home use. That's where a lot of the fun was. In the arcade with friends and family. That price though of possibly $700.... hmmm...NOPE. Will stick with MAME for the time being.

Wish some developer made a Terminator VR game though. Would be awesome.

Petebloodyonion33d ago

As much I I love Mame it's not the same experience with mouse and Keyboard versus lightgun.
The same could apply to a Time Crisis Cabinet.

NecrumOddBoy33d ago

These things are just too damn expensive. I cannot justify spending $500-$1000 on these cabinets when they are only roms running in cheap tablets in an ikea box.

Petebloodyonion33d ago

OK now they have my attention!
I remember playing a lots of coins to play this game and let's be honest playing this game on a emulator versus holding the gun with force feedback is not the same experience.
Might be the 1st arcade cabinet that I will buy (I'm honestly always tempted till I remember that I own several version of said games).

JustTheFax33d ago

This is still emulation though, they are just including two light guns. The screen looks kind of small for the price, but it is still pretty cool.

Kurt Russell27d ago

I played this in the arcade the other week. It is a really bad game in todays times.