A Quiet Place Video Game Announced, Coming in 2022

Saber Interactive will be publishing A Quiet Place video game, set to release sometime in 2022 for yet-to-be announced platforms.

CrimsonWing69708d ago

well, I do think the movies are amazing, but something makes me feel like this one might be a crap shoot.

gamesftw250707d ago

Yeah I don't really understand how it could be a hit game.

Army_of_Darkness707d ago

They still can't even make a good walking dead game, how they gonna pull this off?! If however, insomniac, bend or naughty dog made it I'd have a lot more confidence in it.

Sciurus_vulgaris707d ago

The films have a major plot hole. If the aliens are sensitive [and vulnerable] certain sounds they would have difficulty functioning on Earth. Thus, the aliens would never kill off most of humanity.

CrimsonWing69707d ago

I hear ya, but after watching the 2nd movie they made it seem pretty convincing how quickly it could happen.

F0XH0UND922707d ago

Ever hear of suspension of disbelief?

Sciurus_vulgaris707d ago

Haven’t watched the second film, I’m not too interested in the series. A Quiet Place, in my opinion wasn’t a particularly strong film. I might watch a A Quiet Place 2 if it came to Netflix.

attilayavuzer707d ago

That first one was a tough watch. I appreciate the whole silent aesthetic, but I was spacing out during that first 45 minutes without any dialogue.

Terry_B707d ago

I bet 50 Bison Dollars that this will be a Crack Shoot!

Aussiesummer707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

What's a "crack" shoot? Drug deal gone wrong?

REDGUM707d ago

A game with minimal sounds?
Sounds in games are what makes them games in the 1st place.

Not leaving much room for error if not done right.

F0XH0UND922707d ago

So a game can't be a game without sound? Hot take lmao

Tacoboto707d ago

Can't wait for the soundtrack, I bet it'll be killer

KeyAppearance706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

I know joke and all, but Quiet Place does have a killer soundtrack by Marco Beltrami! I'd only hope they'd get Jason Graves or someone for the game!