Why Twisted Metal PS3 Is Important

Psxextreme: I remember first seeing the original Twisted Metal on my friend's PlayStation way back when, and I distinctly recall the words that spilled from my mouth: "holy crap, what is this?!" Then I fell in love all over again with Twisted Metal 2 - still one of my favorite games ever, and I still play it - and I knew right then I'd be a TM fan for life. ...or so I thought. 989 Studios took over for TM3 and TM4, both of which were colossal disappointments in my opinion, and I gave the franchise up for lost. Then, Jaffe and the boys returned for Twisted Metal: Black on the PS2, which instantly resurrected my faith.

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Nitrowolf23598d ago

Man i hope they reveal new one soon

lociefer3598d ago

ya me2 , twisted metal was sick , btw b4 i read this , is this 1 of them ps3 needs a savior articles ?

Nitrowolf23598d ago

idk, its saying how he would be happy and how cool it would be to have it on PS3


I so want this game.I still have memories playing the first one on ps1.I can only imagine how a next gen twisted meta will look, for its time back then twisted metal was a graphic power house on ps1.

Bnet3433598d ago

I'd be lying if say I'm excited for this. Twisted Metal 2 was the best. I remember back in the day my friend coming to my house Saturday mornings to play PlayStation with me at my house and man TW2 was def. one of the games we loved. After TW2, the rest were all garbage though Twisted Metal Black was not horrible. I'll give Twisted Metal one more chance on PS3, if it's no good, just let the series die already.

LoVeRSaMa3598d ago

I really hope one is made, Id really like to see the Next Generation of TM =]

When ever anyone says "Twisted Metal" all I can think about is that Tank thing with the Drill <333

ZootHornRollo3597d ago

if they do not make this game for the ps3 they would be making the biggest loss you could ever make. this was the best game out i dont care if you hated all ever other tm than tm2 and black. this was the best bang for you buck and the endings and story was the best. now if they made it were you could customize your car and caracter and go online. that would be the best selling point other than the sp. gladly pay any amount of money to play this game

SL1M DADDY3597d ago

Now, telling that I have to say that a new TM would get me a bit happy in the pants and would be a day one purchase for me.

On a side note, another game I loved around that time was Loaded. Am I alone in wishing that Sony would release Loaded on the PSN or at least do an HD remake of that game? Man, Cap N' Hands was the shizzle!

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josephat843598d ago

I loved TM 1 and 2!!! Black was sweet too. We are seriously lacking car fighting games. This would be a system seller!!!!!!

Simon_Brezhnev3598d ago

just imagine the online mode for it :)

Danja3598d ago

I agree Twisted Metal with Online would just = EPIC..!!

White-Sharingan3598d ago

Twisted Metal for PSP had a great online in my opinion

was so addicted to it

Simon_Brezhnev3597d ago

well since we want twisted metal so bad microsoft is going to make a clone if they dont already have one and make it have online

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cmrbe3598d ago

because its a proven franchise that will get more PS1 and PS2 owners especially to migrate. People should never underestimate the selling power of proven franchise. SOCOM conv for example despite its issues sold very well in NA.

ps3king3598d ago

Absolutely. A PS3 version of Twisted Metal would cause and make heads turn. For such a fantastic franchise back in the day, Its shortcomings then are what I don't see as an obstacle by today's standards. PS3 has the best original IP's however going by an old and trust TM franchise might kick in the spurs. I agree with the article completely. That mushroom cloud poster got me excited the first time I saw it even though it was never confirmed I believe.

Xi3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

and V8, i don't know which I liked more. Hopefully both have a new game come out.

Aclay3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Twisted Metal Black was my favorite. The only reason why I didn't buy Twisted Metal Head On for the PS2 is because it just didn't have the same "dark" and "gritty" look/feel that TM: Black had, and Head On just seemed a lot more cartoony to me.

And I did actually like Twisted Metal 3 even though so many people seemed to hate it... Twisted Metal 4 for me was "o.k." but it's probably my least favorite in the series, however, I loved using Calypso's special attack in TM4... shooting that huge Nuke Missle off the back of his truck and detonating it was so awesome.

To compete with Twisted Metal on PS3, I want Activision to come out with another Vigilante 8 game because a sequel to Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense is LONG overdue and the Vigilante 8 series is yet another one of my favorite car combat games that I want to see come back.

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