Riders Republic Trial Hands On Impressions | The Outerhaven

Check out Kyle's hands on impression of the Riders Republic trial as he bikes, skis and flies across a mashup of the US' most iconic national parks. Then, download the free trial and check it out for yourself before it ends on October 27th!

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georeo42d ago

It’s pretty fun actually. Little cringe with the story.

DoctorOswin42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I second this. The game is legitimately fun. The writing is goofy as it can be. Like, "remember, it's better to go fast than take is slow. HUEHHEHEH"

I LOVE the biking stuff though. It is so much fun.

shadowhaxor42d ago

Definitely wasn't a fan of the flying, but the biking seemed fun. Though the entire "Dude" vibe that Ubisoft has been carrying across several of its games is getting a bit stale.

DoctorOswin42d ago

Yeah I can see that. If it wasn't for the biking, I'd probably write the game off honestly. I actually don't like anything that's "rocket powered" so far honestly.

ElementsUnknown42d ago

The dialog sounds like Pauley Shore wrote it. The whole aesthetic is transported directly from the 90’s and it’s cringe city.

DoctorOswin42d ago

That's how these games always are. It's definitely goofy, over the top and overall just not amusing.