Battlefield 2042 Sundance Confirmed to Be Non-Binary; Revives to Be Faster & Offer "Better Feedback"

Battlefield 2042 Emma "Sundance" Rosier is a non-binary Specialist confirmed by DICE. Revives will be faster & offer "better feedback" too.

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Inappropriate story that has dissolved into hate speech and inappropriate comments.
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85d ago
Eonjay85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Lol. I think sometimes people do things for attention. Maybe it was designed by a non binary person. Or maybe it doesn't even matter... You know because it doesn't.


Pandering? No I thought it was trolling lol. What exactly is there to pander to? I mean who is this design supposed to please lol.

SyntheticForm85d ago

It's "wow" because it's totally out-of-the-way, unnecessary pandering.

Nobody playing this game cares whether or not a cookie cutter character in an FPS game is "non-binary" I assure you.

Too much left-wing activism and pandering in game development these days; we need new, non-woke studios.

85d ago
rambot8985d ago


If it doesn't matter then why are they even doing it?

ArmorOfGod85d ago

Because it’s certainly important in a shooter the types of genitals you want to rub?

1nsomniac84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

@syntheticForm absolutely nothing to do with any form of left-wing activism or “non-woke” culture. It’s just the usual developers and publishers trying to earn brownie points and awards for inclusion… and well in reality what should it mean anyway. No one should care but people create their own fuss.

These “left wing” “non woke” statements that everybody flings around these days are far more stupid than the targets they’re aimed at. No one actually understands their meaning and the irony of how they use them. Never mind the damage it actually causes in real scenarios.

I wish all these silly trends would end or people would get smart enough to understand the repercussions of them.

Eonjay84d ago (Edited 84d ago )


I don't know why they are doing it and I am telling you that it still doesn't matter. Why should something like this 'matter'? There are other specialists but only 'Sundance' get the reaction. Maybe its the trolling/triggering that makes them interesting. Thats what I'm getting at.

oldenjon84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

@1nsomniac Exactly. Why do they even care? It's the same idea as more female representation in games. Wherever you land on the politics, there's always a choice and it ultimately actually doesn't effect you. You can't win. Throwing tantrums just validates any controversy and probably just leads to developers trolling you even harder. Grow up and it won't matter. It's just a game and you can play it however or as whoever you like.

84d ago
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Vengeance113885d ago

Wow at how pathetic this is? Yeah I'd agree there.

moriarty188985d ago

Very pathetic. More pathetic that these companies feel the need to do this type of crap.

Godmars29085d ago

Think you mean "WHY?" Cause I'm pretty sure a bullet doesn't care what your gender is.

DFresh85d ago ShowReplies(5)
porkChop85d ago

To be fair, they've only commented on the character because people asked. It's not like other devs where they scream from the rooftops that a character is non-binary. It doesn't seem like they think it's a big deal. So I'd say this isn't just them pandering.

MasterChief362485d ago

It's a big enough deal that they specifically talked about it...

porkChop85d ago

Because they were asked. They didn't just bring it up out of nowhere. Up until now they never even mentioned it.

Extermin8or3_85d ago ShowReplies(1)
dbcoops85d ago

I'd say pandering is exactly what they are doing. Who cares if they were asked. How about saying; 'our game is a straight up pvp shooter with no story campaign, the sexual orientations and gender identities of the characters are not relevant to anything.' Of course in order to say that the developer would need to identify as someone with a spine.

LucasRuinedChildhood85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

The context never actually matters though. When Tell Me Why got revealed, people also said the exact same thing even though it was about the main character in story-driven game. People always frame it as pandering, virtue signaling and so on because they don't want to see transgender and non-binary people in media ... but know outright saying that is wrong. That's why they're disliking your comment more than others even though they agree. You're being too honest about it.

It's strange reading these comments and knowing that in 15-30 years most people won't be offended by any of this anymore, same as the hate against gay people dropping like a stone. It's all so pointless and just history repeating itself. We're at a point where most still dislike these people and are confused by them, but a rapidly growing minority have no issue with them, and it's driving those who do mad.

And like them or not, the specialists are actually supposed to be characters. They're trying to emulate EA's other big shooter, Apex Legends. The developers have no reason to get angry and respond like you're asking, and if a character artist pushed to include that design, it's only a big deal if you make it one.

You could also call my comment pandering, but I'd rather pander and get an easy 90% likes than 90% dislikes and my name isn't 'LucasRuinedChildhood' in real life, so I have nothing to gain. It's just my genuine opinion. Your comment is much closer to pandering (for likes), but I accept that it's your genuine opinion.

esherwood85d ago

Checked all the boxes, black female non binary. I really hope this woke b.s is a phase we can all get past because it’s getting old

85d ago
moriarty188985d ago ShowReplies(4)
CobraKai85d ago

Yeah. I’m tired of this crap.

Rachel_Alucard85d ago

You forgot how marketing depicts her as that generic "care free but confident" personality that Marvel loves shoving into every character

SullysCigar85d ago

Omg! You said "she", when it's a them, you're going straight to hell now and your soul cannot be saved!

Rachel_Alucard85d ago

Well she didn't get born without genatalia unless that's some new barbie doll defect that hasn't been used as an excuse yet.

JackBNimble85d ago

You should be using the word "It" not them because they or them is plural and doesn't make sense in the English language.
"It" makes perfect sense if you decide you're non-binary, and "It" is all you would deserve to be called.

reaper60285d ago

Yeah,this b.s is getting old

specialguest85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Black female is the mascot for "woke" game development. How do you pander to that group? Gotta have a black female as the lead or a very prominent role. Keep in mind it can't be a black male or any other race. It's become a so predictable now that it's a joke

frostypants85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

That's the funniest thing about it...they lumped ALL of the wokeism into a single character. How much more blatant could it be that they only did this, with the lowest effort imaginable, to please certain critics? So it's not even misplaced activism, it's entirely faked activism.

Best part is I just posted the other day how much the character looks like a suburban soccer mom. Maybe they were trying to represent them as well...

Zeref85d ago

Why are you so mad? 😂

Class_Viceroy84d ago

If I was black I'd be salty as hell about this. They can't catch a break....

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Spenok85d ago

Nobody cares about these days fictional characters "genders" when they're TRYING TO KILL ONE ANOTHER!!

Saijahn85d ago

This. Unless there are physical traits to characters like males can take more bullet damage, females can move faster etc

But that's not it.

I mean it's cool that they included for players that want to be represented

John_McClane84d ago

There is no such thing as a non-binary human, follow the science.

pietro121284d ago

John_McClane If you actually followed science you know you would be wrong.