GTA Trilogy Exclusive to Rockstar's Launcher on PC

it appears that the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition will launch exclusively on Rockstar's very own launcher on PC.

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PhillyDillyDee44d ago

Lol. Good luck w that rockstar.

Activision44d ago

? Rockstar doesn't need Good Luck since it's GTA, every will go to their launcher.

Amplitude43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Smash disagree all you want but nah this will lose at least one sale. I was planning on getting this for PC since it's my main this gen. The reason why it's my main this gen is 100% the features that Steam brings. By not releasing on Steam, I for one won't be buying it anymore

Epic launcher is one thing but these companies making their own bad stores/launcher hubs (that I'm 100% confident will go the way of Windows Live) in order to rake in money can smd

43d ago
Terry_B44d ago

Only for around 1,5 Months.

Terry_B43d ago

It looks like it. There was a leak of upcoming games on Steam and it had 3 games from Rockstar for a start of january date

SinisterMister44d ago

Wow, first the pricing and now this? I wonder what's next in the trifecta.

GoodGuy0944d ago

The drms stupid on the rockstar launcher lol.

slowgamer44d ago

These would be better of elsewhere. Rockstar launcher feels like walking in a tar. Prob added lot of unskippable logos there too. These kinda games (well all games) would be nice to start in an instant and quit as well =D

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