GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Official Trailer Released

Rockstar Games have released the GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition official trailer, with the game's release date set for November 11.

Hellcat2020948d ago

Just better color is all it is

gamesftw250948d ago

Clearly we didn't watch the same trailer...

LucasRuinedChildhood947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

This is a way bigger upgrade than I was expecting, tbh.

When they Rockstar said that they wanted to keep the original look of these games, I expected them to look 99% the same. haha.

hiawa23947d ago

We did watch the same video and I agree with Hellcat These games deserved to be remade.

ABizzel1947d ago

I see why they fought so hard to shut down the trilogy mods on PC, modders had the PC version looking as good and in some cases better than this "definitive edition".

NeoGamer232947d ago

If they actually remade and modernized the games I would be in. This is essentially a remastering, not a remake.

1nsomniac947d ago

This doesn’t deserve remaster status. This is basically a reshade. Nothing more.

Sunny_D947d ago


What is a remaster supposed to be? Are you getting confused with remake?

Profchaos947d ago

This is a pretty significant remaster it's not like they simply upressed the games if they were to remake these games in the modern take engine they wouldn't work.

ChubbyBlade947d ago

I think it’s time you see an eye doctor.

GravedancerX947d ago

What? Literally everything is better. The lighting/reflection handling in particular is a huge upgrade.

Sunny_D947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

For real. Look at the rain and lighting effects when he’s driving.

Riftrider947d ago

Updated controls, including aiming and driving, huge update to surroundings, and next gen has 4 k

TheKingKratos947d ago

What ?

It look alot better than a simple remaster
Only problem with it is the models and maybe they left them like that to stay true to the games

Gatsu947d ago

You're an idiot if you expected a remake of all the 3 games.

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lelo2play948d ago

Remove blur, make it brighter... and you have a Definitive Edition GTA.

Likely get it when heavily discounted.

ChubbyBlade947d ago

Should probably get your eyes looked at.

lelo2play947d ago

Developers love people like you... people that purchase the same game over and over again.

ChubbyBlade947d ago (Edited 947d ago )


Where did I say I was going to buy it? I’m not. Quite some assumptions there for simply saying your wrong about your assessment of the changes.

yoshatabi947d ago

@lelo how you know he's going to buy it? Why are you assuming lmao

RaidenBlack948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Could've included the "stories" games too.

roadkillers948d ago

This x100, especially since VCS is fantastic but only available on PS2 and PSP.

Fntastic948d ago

VCS is certainly great, LCS is good too, at least better than GTA 3 IMO anyway.

pr33k33948d ago

i liked Liberty Stories better than 3 tbh

Double_O_Revan947d ago

If they did I would've considered the $60 price. But not for the 3 games. $60 is Way too high.

Sunny_D947d ago

They’ll release those separately lol. Business 101.