Do Some Games Benefit From Older Technology?

With the ever-increasing rush by developers to capitalize on the most current technology, there are actually some games that benefit from not being on the most current and technologically up-to-date system. As evidenced by the recent announcement of Dragon Quest X for the Wii, many types of traditional RPGs are better off on simpler technology, and don't need flashy graphics to tell their story.

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Mr PS33602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Just look at All Xbox 360 Games for Proof

Smacktard3602d ago

Hell yes! Dungeon Explorer for example. Awesome game, with hilarious dialogue that really brings together the group of people playing the game to have fun mocking it. It's a really fun game too. But nowadays, Dungeon Explorer titles are all terrible. All I need is the attack button and two types of magic.

Loved how the bard's magic was almost useless. Change the music and teleport back to the tavern, woo!