20 Years Later: Epic For The Time, Why 'Grand Theft Auto III' Has Aged Horribly

It’s autumn and the twentieth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III (October 22nd) is upon us. Sadly, or perhaps inevitably, there might not be many singing happy birthday.

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Inverno40d ago

It's funny seeing the animation for some of these old games and seeing just how far ahead some developers were even tho they were coming off from PS1. Square Soft was doing some impressive visuals and animations early in the PS2 gen that most devs didn't reach until well into the generation

roadkillers40d ago

I was thinking on God of War and how impressive the graphics were for the time. My though was how can it get better than this.

Looking back, it's a lot of art and technique. These devs had to balance so much to get a game like this to work. Draw distances, graphics, framerate, etc. were all very limited especially when working with the new hardware. When looking back at GTA3 it is more art than anything

pecorre40d ago

I've replayed a lot of old game in the last year and most of them aged horribly. I ended up selling half of my game collection because of this.

Hellcat202040d ago

But then we get those gamers raging because of systems not being b/c

MajorLazer40d ago

Yes, one person said they aged horribly so guess everyone feels the same way /s

HankHill40d ago

Your first console was the PS4, right?

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LucasRuinedChildhood40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I'd rather play GTA 3 than almost any NES or SNES game, and the vast majority of people prefer games from the 6th gen (PS2/GC/Xbox/DC) to those gens. The PS2 is regularly voted as the best console ever, i.e. it gave people the most fun.

Journalists really over-exaggerate how badly many 3D games have aged while letting 2D games completely off the hook because they grew up in that era or get influenced by group think from older gamers running these websites. Just like 2D games, 3D games went through growing pains so when we're just talking about PS1/N64 games, it's understandable but it's a bias that drives me mad.

Most old 2D games look awful and garish if you similarly hold them to modern standards and their gameplay is easily surpassed by obscure indie games, let alone the more polished and famous ones.

I went on a cheat rampage a few years ago in GTA 3 and thought it held up pretty well. The car controls are still very fun and the auto-aim shooting controls are still easy to use. My criticisms of it now are the same as when I originally played it. Vice City addressed most of my criticisms.

itBourne40d ago

Cant be that bad, RDR 2 and GTA 5 still control like a game from 20 years ago, and they sell like hot cakes....

_Decadent_Descent40d ago

It's one of the major complaints I've always had with R*; that their controls and game physics never evolved with the times.

LucasRuinedChildhood40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

We can agree to differ on controls, but their game physics (and tech in general) are some of the best out there. The entertainment from the physics is a big factor in their long-lasting appeal.

RDR2, GTA5 and most Rockstar games, tbh, were way ahead of their time in that regard.

Good-Smurf40d ago

I don't feel the same they aged but horribly?
Most open world games still couldn't meet the standard that GTA III set 20 years ago.
And I'm not talking about graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.