God of War (2018) is coming to PC

The Santa Monica Studio title launches on PC January 14, 2022.

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Asuka713d ago (Edited 713d ago )

"Alongside the graphic and performance improvements, we are also offering 21:9 ultra-widescreen support."

Ultra-wide support ! ! This is gonna look so beautiful!

RaidenBlack713d ago

Swing it (the Leviathan),
like you mean it.

Gazondaily713d ago

Uncharted and now GoW. TLOU 1 and 2 next 😊

fr0sty713d ago

What a clown, lol... Sell that PS5 to me, so you can enjoy playing all the games I'll be playing on it several years later, while I'm playing their sequels.

r2oB713d ago

@ Rookie

If you are such a diehard PS fan then you'd have already played the game when it was released over 3 years ago. If that's the case then why does it bother you that the game is being released on PC, over 3 years after launch and when the console generation has already ended.

Obvious troll.

Army_of_Darkness713d ago (Edited 713d ago )


This little Xbox troll thinks he can pull a fast one on us to make playstation gamers look bad.. Dude just stfu.... I'm primarily a PlayStation gamer myself with a gaming pc on the side and personally, I'm totally cool with Sony releasing their exclusives a couple years or so down the line to pc gamers. More can enjoy them, plus gets Sony extra cash for future game development.

Jin_Sakai713d ago

“so you can enjoy playing all the games I'll be playing on it several years later, while I'm playing their sequels.“

True but PC players will be playing the better version of your timed console exclusives. Let that sink in.

S2Killinit712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

The better version of our last gen game. Let that sink in.

Wasnt rookiemonster one of the biggest xbox fanboys on this site?

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EvertonFC713d ago

Gutted in 2021 both ps5 and xbox series S/X don't support 21.9 😔

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Asuka713d ago


Since the aspect ratio is wider you literally see more of the world around you. More of the game is rendered on screen. Similar to when DVD movies shifted from Full Screen to Wide Screen back in the day because Wide Screen(16:9) showed more picture.

DaMist713d ago

@Aphelion82. 21:9 provides a wider,.more cinematic view of what you normally get from the standard 16:9. I'll leave you a link providing some info and some screenshots. I personally game moved on to a 32:9 ratio from 21:9, which i freaking love. https://bit.ly/3aWroKg

neutralgamer1992713d ago

Great more gamers will get to play it. And in the long run more gets will become fan of the series. I do wonder if Sony will charge full price or $39.99


I think we may see that in 2023. Sony could be releasing some of their games 18-24 months after initial release (could be earlier or later just depends)

Brazz713d ago

you are correct... also you are best waifu... team red forever.

ElvisHuxley713d ago

Sony first party titles are becoming the best looking PC games available. Long after the console releases, but hey, PC exclusive gamers get to experience them too now. And considering the quality of the first party titles, I can see a fair amount of PC gamers deciding that they won't want to wait years, and picking up a playstation for this reason.

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Fntastic713d ago (Edited 713d ago )

Ultra widescreen monitors have even higher response times than 4k high refresh screens. You don't go by what's on the box.. look @ reviews. Not everyone likes them. For FPS & quicker paced games smaller 24 or 27" screens with high pixel density and fast pixel response with high refresh are best.

specialguest713d ago (Edited 713d ago )

Love the 21:9 support. 3440x1440 has been the sweet spot for my PC running a gtx 1080 for several yrs now. I'm patiently waiting for the 4080 to release, but It'll probably be scalped anyway

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Iltapalanyymi713d ago

Told yall it was the next pc port

solideagle713d ago

This game is juggernaut: "As of August 2021, 19.5MM copies for God of War on PlayStation 4 have been sold"

Tacoboto713d ago

A quick search online found a few way-dated articles from 2012-2013 about GOW sales - 3 was the highest like around 5.2 million.

Nearly 20 mil is absolutely insane

Eonjay713d ago

That's crazy... At this point they are looking for additional avenues for sales. And that attach rate on PS4 is wild.

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QSPR713d ago

You know the huge potential God of War, Horizon Zero Down, Days Gone and many more great games have to be portable with Steam Deck? I can't wait for many more games like Halo, Gears, Forza, Gran Turismo etc., keep them coming!

iplay1up2713d ago

Sure, but PS5 doesn't even have that option.

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JonnyBeoulve712d ago

It's no longer a PlayStation exclusive and in fact the best experience (by far) will be on PC.

solideagle713d ago

I wonder if they are going to release Ragnarok in March 2022...This will generate many new fans who could potentially buy Ragnarok day 1