Vampyr Update 1.09 Patch Notes - What's New?

This Patch has been released to enhance the performance of the PS4 Pro and PS5 version of the game. Here are all the details of Vampyr Update 1.09.

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deadfrag466d ago

Atleast!I just dont get how the PS4 Pro is 1440p and Xbox One X is 1296p.Even Séries S is 1440p and we all know Xbox One X has way more memory allocation for resolution than both PS4 Pro and Xbox Séries S.Weird!

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Father__Merrin465d ago

This game was actually pretty good. The atmosphere was second to none and having the hospital as the hub was a brilliant idea. And Dr Reeds voice acting was perfect Horrid combat though

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Hawk198666464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

1080p 60fps for PS4 Pro would be miles better. Input lag on this game is bad. Also how is an increase in resolution a performance update?