Vampyr is Getting a Free Next-Gen Graphics Upgrade

Vampyr, DONTNOD and Focus Entertainment’s narrative-driven action RPG, has received a free upgrade to its graphics on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 Pro.

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Hawk198666462d ago

Is? It got it days ago... And obviously it's free, why would it be paid... And it's current gen not next gen. Cringe!

AnotherGamer462d ago

Uhh, it said in the article that is a free ps5 upgrade. Dunno what you on about.

justadelusion462d ago

All he said was it got the ps5 patch days ago (which it did, early last week) and this article is late to the party

annoyedgamer462d ago

Got excited for a second. Thought they added RTX to the PC version.

Espangerish462d ago

I’ll check this out. Still own it from plus so presumably you get the upgrade on that version.

BlackDoomAx462d ago

Cool, another game I'll try :)

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