Resident Evil 4 VR Cuts Certain Content Including Voice Lines and Animations

From IGN: "Resident Evil 4 VR is a full remake of Capcom’s horror classic, except in virtual reality. But some things have been left behind in the past as Facebook confirmed certain dialogue and animations have been removed for a modern audience.

Specifically, Resident Evil 4 VR has removed certain suggestive dialogue related to Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter Leon Kennedy is tasked with rescuing. This includes a line from another character, Luis, referencing Ashley’s body."

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sourOG99d ago

Lmao the modern audience is trash. Remember when the old people yelled at the young kids for being vulgar and tempting the devil lmao? Gen z is a bunch of boomers.

98d ago
Lore98d ago

People should mainly be frustrated with the developers. It’s those on the team that chose to remove the dialogue due to their preference. They’re the ones to blame. Most “woke” consumers wouldn’t be picking this title up anyways.

sourOG98d ago

I used to think that. It’s cowardly no doubt but I’m convinced the average vocal consumer and average reviewer these days are total frauds. I can understand why they would cave in a business sense.

-Foxtrot99d ago

Oh come's not that bad what went on in RE4, just a bit of playful flirting between the two

I can understand changing things in a remake but not a new version of the old game.

sourOG99d ago

It’s not what they changed, it’s why they changed it. If you need to change the classics to coddle a post-modern audience then they don’t deserve the classics.

roadkillers98d ago

Why did they change it? Everything they changed made sense imo. Leon made some douchey, out of nowhere comments. Who would say 'I see the president equipped his daughter with ballistics too." Luis said that lol, right infront of the Presidents daughter!

None of that added anything to the game and was out of character. Now! I hope they kept "you pervert!" comment when looking up skirt. That was funny.

sourOG98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

They changed it because they are scared of an annoying audience. Japanese games in general are always cornball lol. It’s part of the charm. Even when it’s not supposed to be with translation issues. There was nothing wrong with it then or now. Did it add anything that you don’t forget about a few minutes later? No it’s a dumb line. Some people don’t forget about it a few seconds later. That’s the annoying audience they are scared of.

Like I said, it’s not what they changed, it’s why they changed it. I don’t care about those lines lol. It’s just the principle of worrying about a culture that can’t take a joke.

“Removal doesn’t take anything away from the game”
it literally does. Not what but why.

nickanasty20698d ago

Fully agree. Another great example of this that is unrelated but similar are peoples reaction to Dave Chappelle's most recent standup. From a perspective of watching Chappelle for years, there was nothing in his standup that was any less offensive than what he has always been doing. The new generation is far too sensitive. This game content shouldn't have been removed to appease this overly sensitive audience.

sourOG98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Yeah the Netflix thing was laughable those employees were pathetic. A transgender employee with any sense would stay as far away from those goobers as possible. Netflix is standing strong so far though, I’m surprised.

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Plagasx98d ago

Absolutely ridiculous. We live in such a pussy society now.

ajax1798d ago

it's Miranda's ass all over again... ugh

Christopher97d ago

I *really* liked the changes with that, tbh. But, I do think they should have made them optional.

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