Xbox Game Pass subscriptions miss Microsoft’s target

Xbox Game Pass is often touted as the best deal in gaming and its subscriber count is a shorthand measure of Microsoft’s gaming success.

gravedigger715d ago

"This would put Game Pass subs around 20m as of June if going by the 37% YoY growth figure."


1Victor714d ago

@grave that statement is wrong if you go by Microsoft last numbers of 18 millions on January and add the 37% growth it will be 24.660 millions assuming that those are actual recurring subscriptions and not overall meaning been padded by any promotions.
We will know for sure if or when Microsoft come out and give their numbers

NotoriousWhiz714d ago

January - October is not year over year.

fiveby9714d ago

I have to wonder why MS just can't release a full set of numbers. State consoles sold through, subscriptions, etc. You would think investors would need to know as much info as is available.

FinalFantasyFanatic714d ago

I don't really get it either, it just leaves people to make the best possible educated guesses at how their going, the only reason you would think they wouldn't share numbers is because they're doing badly. But they can't be doing badly enough to be ashamed of their numbers, surely.

gravedigger714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

You are wrong as hell, Victor.

It was 15 mil. in same timeframe and x1. 37 is 20.5 as of June 2021.
Zhuge is right. You clearly MISSED DELIBERATELY word YOY in Zhuge's tweet

Quote :

@ notorious so what was their last year numbers


15 million. You can easily google it. Funny thing how Xbox fans are ignoring that number all of a sudden.


NeoGamer232714d ago

How many Azure subscriptions does MS have? How many Windows sales? How many mouse/keyboard sales?
How many Surface device sales? How many MS 365 subscribers?

MS is a huge company. They sell lots of stuff that they don't release numbers on.

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1Victor714d ago

@ notorious so what was their last year numbers

darthv72714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

It seems they are doing pretty good so far. growth each year is better than decline. 37% growth is still really good for this service.

Lightning77714d ago

It wasn't MS target figure of 47% but still a great number nonetheless.

EasilyTheBest715d ago

"But if Microsoft is struggling to get Game Pass where it wants, it will have a strong sales hook 13 months from now with the release of Bethesda's highly anticipated exclusive “Starfield.”
I think they will have a huge boost with Forza 5 & Halo next month.

Jin_Sakai715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

I agree. People are likely waiting on the big games to hit the service.

SullysCigar714d ago

I'd imagine some will pay for 1 month, play those 2 games, then cancel the sub and move on.

DJStotty714d ago


Ok, so by your "imagination" gamers will be done with both games in a month?

Rather than imagining, you need to deal in reality, the service has 20m+ concurrent subs renewing every month, me included.

KillBill714d ago

The idea people are trying to make that GamePass is a service that people are only buying for a single month to play a single release title is complete hogwash. The titles available offer continued play across a very wide group of titles. Titles that keep gamers busy playing day after day. You don't just say... ok I am going to stop playing this game because my monthly subscription is up and I am going to wait until next big title to resubscribe. It is almost like people have no idea how subscription services actually work or why people subscribe and stay subscribed. Vast majority of subscribers are in it for the long haul. Frequent constant turnover is simply not a thing with GamePass.

gamer7804714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

@sullyscigar starfield is huge and so is forza horizon, good luck finishing those in a month lol

wiz7191714d ago

@Sully it’s ways more games on the service then just those two though ..

PrinceAli714d ago

I dont know why people think this lool... Gamepass is a service thats been around since 2017, There have already been 2 forza games that have released since then. if you wanted Gamepass you would have already tried the service already. Halo is a F2P multiplayer game so GP isn't even needed to play what most will be playing especially wit hal lthe damage controlling the Xbox fanbase has been doing this past year and a half regarding its campaign and framing the multiplayer as the only thing worth playing. Gamepass is reporting overall numbers NOT recurring subs so even with those games coming out there wont be a large spike in new subs of Gamepass...

SurgicalMenace714d ago

Uuum, if I play any Xbox exclusive it will be by paying $15 then canceling after I'm done. Only reason to have it is to pay less for exclusive access, no other reason to keep it. I own just about every game on GP, albeit on the PS, so paying 1/4th of the cost to play their exclusives is golden. I will definetly benefit off of MS insecurities in their ability to sale their products full retail. They did this to themselves.

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oldenjon715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

Maybe, but the gamepass model will inevitably draw the kind of people that treat it like a rental service too. Subscribe for 1 month, binge the game and save $50 on the purchase price and maybe binge something else in the time they have left. Keeping subscribers will be just as difficult as getting new ones, sales will continue to decline etc.. That's why gamepass will eventually follow the practices of Netflix and other streaming apps. Less licensing deals, more gamepass exclusives, episodic content, cancellations, etc. Can't wait.

EvertonFC714d ago

Exactly, it's the same with Netflix. Amazon, disney etc I don't no anybody who subscribes for 12months it's more like 3 or 4 months of the year

Mr_cheese714d ago

To be fair Everton, I had my Netflix account for years.

Haven't personally got into the game streaming yet, tried the trials but love physically owning my games because I like building that physical collection over the generations

Sitdown714d ago

Might be a reflection of you not knowing many people. I locked in with Disney+ for 3 years, and keep Netflix and Hulu running.

Fonsecap714d ago

I agree with you, they'll have to go the netflix way, with new content every month to keep interest, or it will become a rental service, plus the fact that you can create new accounts to get 1 month for 1 EUR.

714d ago
gamer7804714d ago

i don't know anyone who has subscribed for less than a year, of course i'm a parent and not a college/school age kid without disposable income so maybe thats why. but we are in the majority. gamepass does nothing but save our family money every month.

Darkborn714d ago

It's also the marketing and overhead to keep all these studios running that factors in. I think their ultimately going to try to get a game or significant update for a game every month to keep people subbed for the entire year, but it's not all profit. That $10 turns into a small profit if any at all depending on the amount of years those studios take to make a game people sub to a play for a few weeks.

oldenjon714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

@ everyone, I think there's probably a max threshold for people who are long-time subscribers and everyday gamers, and that the nature of games vs. tv / film will be a limiting factor for reproducing the success and subscription rates of streaming apps. Game releases are not as frequent, there's a fewer number of games than films/shows in general, and the profit model for games involves users spending more money per release. It's really not rocket science. The cost of the subscription service needs to be more proportional to the cost of games vs. films/tv, and the service needs to produce both compelling and varied content year round to get and maintain a sustainable number of subscribers and to maintain a good ratio of users:abusers. It's not a fluke that Microsoft is already struggling to meet its goals with gamepass, and besides providing additional value to the service, adding games like Forza and Halo also represents more financial risk. It's always try to pull off some impossible feat to get an edge in the marketplace, and has a history of failing with those ideas. Be prepared.

leejohnson222714d ago

Exactly but fans don't want to accept this, I get Netflix pay a low fee then I get bored and cancel especially in summer when I'm out more than in.
I look for deals on subs and cancel when the prices goes up or there is nothing that interests me. Why would you sub all year, plus I prefer to own games and not rent

DJStotty713d ago


I have been a gamepass subscriber since it was invented, launch day i subbed, early this year i upgraded to Ultimate, also been an xbox live gold subscriber since it launched until Ultimate came out.

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Profchaos714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

Yeah but that's exact what they don't want and they have stated they want people to always be engaged instead people to sub for a month play the big hit and be done with it. They even have $1 promotions around major releases like gears 5. They need constant quality month on month like Netflix producing their own content and strategically releasing it.

I'm planning to sub again for halo and finish the campaign then unsub

gravedigger714d ago

Halo will be played because MP, not because campaign. And you don't need a GPU sub for Halo MP since it is a F2P.