Switch Online just killed its Only Saving Grace

After all the years of Friend Codes, WiFi Connection and drip-fed classics, how can we take Switch Online seriously?

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Deathdeliverer38d ago

I saw this the other day when I turned my switch on. Absolutely ridiculous. This is where I draw the line and get off the bus. I’ve had my switch since day one. Paid for the online, as bare bones as it is, and have beat a few of the classics I loved as a kid. This price however is a slap in the damn face. I need my phone to voice chat for gods sake. I just renewed my “basic” switch online subscription and NOT for the online mind you. For the classics. I have barely, BARELY played games online because it’s that ridiculous. I love Nintendo but between this online, the audacity of the pricing, and the comfort they have in being generations behind I can’t take anymore. Will not be renewing unless some amazing changes happen in 11 months. Switch will also be my last day one Nintendo console. I’d rather get one year 4 after release and play clearance games than give them full price for half effort.

Zhipp38d ago

I get what you're saying, except for the idea that waiting 4 years to buy a Nintendo console is gonna get you clearanced games. We both know Nintendo games are gonna be the same price 4 years in as they are at launch.

Deathdeliverer38d ago


Lol when you’re right you’re right. I got beside myself. When I see launch games at full price I can’t help but laugh.

Seraphim38d ago

shit I finally bought a physical copy of Bayonetta 2 online and paid $60. Unbeknownst to me it doesn't even come with the digital code for Bayonetta 1; which I do have on PS3 anyway but still. I didn't even realize there are two copies, one with and one w/o. The US version is either not available or priced at scalper level for a new copy.... When it arrived yesterday, despite having the ESRB logo the back is slightly different as well. There's a box on the back saying "UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore" on it. Guess that's why the seller had sold over 100 copies with a dozen remaining. Should've just bought the dam game when it released.

But you're right, finding much of a discount on Nintendo games just doesn't happen w/ Nintendo IPs. Even the games they continuously print never see a price decrease. Granted you can find some first party games for $45-50 or just under during the Holidays. That's a far cry from any MS/Sony/3rd party game 1+ years after release. Much I enjoy owning the Switch the price of games, lack of sales and now the Expansion Pass really grinds my gears.

Teflon0238d ago

I legit, said I was done, the moment I saw those prices. Already got you paying for a online service topped by even Nintendos older console lol. Fine the classics. But you really could have just added these to it. It's nintendos fault they don't just sell the Damm games over another generation like they always do because f cross generational buying lol. They've become unbelievably disgusting this Gen.

EvertonFC38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Been buying nintendo stuff twds the end of its life cycle for awhile now fella, I don't get the over priced BS/lower specs etc. I'll pick up a switch in 2025 or a switch pro In 2027.
PlayStation and MS keep me interested in current gaming with AAA adult games.
Nintendo lost me as a day1 fan after N64

Sciurus_vulgaris38d ago

It would make more sense for Nintendo to just sell the classic games for $5-10 [maybe even less]. Also, since Nintendo doesn’t own all the IPs of the games in the expansion pack. It is reasonable to assume that some publishers could remove their titles from the service overtime.

Inverno38d ago

They had it right with VC, much like how SONY had it right with PS1 Classics. There's a market there for those who want a legitimate way of buying old games, but they don't want to.

Sciurus_vulgaris38d ago

I firmly believe Nintendo believes price drops devalue their titles. Hence they won’t sell Super Metroid, Super Mario 64, etc for a reduced price, despite those title being decades old.

Knightofelemia38d ago

I got 3 months free of online for the Switch I barely used it I saw the NES and SNES titles I was meh at most. I know Nintendo has to hammer out deals with publishers for classic titles. But the friend code, lack of message a friend, lack of party chat drove me away. Most of the SNES and NES games Nintendo offers you can get on the mini console versions. Sega is still milking the Genesis with games that are part of a Sega Genesis collection pack or are in the Genesis mini. Sega does have other systems besides the Genesis like, Saturn, SMS, Dreamcast, Game Gear but they stick to the Genesis. And Nintendo offering the N64 I to own some of those title they are coughing up Nintendo does have the GC and their hand held systems for libraries of games they can offer. But again it will be the same thing once the games are on there updating said libraries like you said will come to a crawl. I'll just stick to my Xbox or Playstation to play online and keep buying Nintendo made games like Metroid and games that are censored by Sony I will also put on my Switch.

franwex38d ago

Right? Sega has other consoles too!

SegaSaturn66938d ago

A modded switch has so much potential. Retroarch runs REALLY well on it. But you're probably better off in the long term running it on a steamdeck which looks to be able to run yuzu pretty well.

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