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Back 4 Blood is a co-op shooter that puts a fun spin on a familiar genre.

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TheDoomedGuy50d ago

The level design is atrocious when compared to left 4dead 1 or 2. Most of the enemies are just badly designed. The gore is not as good as in left 4 dead either.

There is no tank like encounter throughout the levels either making them quite a bore most of the time.

EazyC50d ago

The phrase "they don't make em like they used to" is quite apparent at the minute.

Zarock50d ago

Yep got bored of it half way through the first map.

CaptainHenry91650d ago

I actually thought the beta sucked

TheColbertinator50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Don't know why Valve can't just make Left 4 Dead 3.

Fntastic50d ago

If you read around, people tend to put L4D2 up on a pedestal as the ultimate zombie game. However if you've played the game quite a few times you can see the flaws and also where it could be improved quite a bit.. But i think it goes without much saying that a game like L4D that's meant to be played over and over could do with a lot more variety. L4D2 is a really good game, but by todays standards it does lack in graphics, but most importantly variety, and I won't back down from that thought. Fun game, but not perfect by any means.

It was also Killing Floor that pretty much started the whole zombie horde type of game, not L4D as people seem to think.

sourOG50d ago

I liked L4D1 more than L4D2. I haven’t played B4B yet but I will soon. At this point I’m not expecting L4D and it’s a shame. There is nothing wrong with the core L4D mechanics but it does have room for fluff and quality of life fixes.

Eamon49d ago

L4D these days is basically playing with 3 other friends on the hardest difficulty.

It hasn't aged well now, simply because it's a 12-13 year old online co-op game. But it was absolutely a revolutionary game.

B4B just doesn't seem innovative at all. And from other reviews, it feels like an unpolished & unfinished game.

eddieistheillest50d ago

Not going to lie. The game is great imo.

Kornholic50d ago

What? Why would you lie about that in the first place?

50d ago
Army_of_Darkness49d ago

Eddie probably isn't lying that the game is actually great. After all, ign did give deathloop a 10/10!? Which is very questionable still...

TheRealTedCruz50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I enjoyed the beta, but I'm having a blast with the final product. It's weird, but the game is getting a lot of hate for, literally, not simply being actual Left 4 Dead 3 and throwing some changes into the formula.

TheDoomedGuy50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

No. What I see mostly is the level design complaint. Which i myself have. Not a single map is memorable and some maps seem complete filler with a whopping 2 minutes of runtime.

They did the whole...let's give em tons of little levels and they won't complain about content. I'd much rather have less maps but bigger and better and definitely better level design. I can still remember most of the levels in left 4 dead 1 and 2. But for the life of me i can barely remember the levels in back4blood except for specific holdout moment in some levels I've already repeated 20x.

I personally enjoy the card system and weapon system. That's an improvement...but we everything else is a downgrade for me.

SurgicalMenace50d ago

Zombies popping in out of nowhere, no pacing, artificially difficult due to lack of structured formula, no map, etc. The lack of the most basic of staples found in lesser games such as: World War Z The card system is shit compared to an actual upgrade system. Oh and the graphics are horrible.

The most redeeming factor is that the game plays well enough to showcase its shortcomings. Back to Far Cry and WWZ.

TheRealTedCruz50d ago


So again, I'm having a great time with the game. Your enjoyment of it has nothing to do with me.

Have fun with Far Cry and World War Z.

TheDoomedGuy49d ago

Well you gave an opinion and we gave another. No need to get angry about it. If 6ou don't want people to respond to your opinions then don't post them.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


No anger had. I simply stated I enjoyed the game. It's Surgical who went out of their way trying to crap on something I liked.
Just because they found issues with the title doesn't mean that I did.

Kind of idiotic when someone dislikes something so much that they can't find one thing positive to say about it, despite there being actual quality had; someone speaks out, and it's that second person called out.

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chobit_A5HL3Y50d ago

this game is so overrated lol the only reason it's getting such high scores is because it's a "spiritual successor" to l4d. it's extremely unbalanced, unrefined, and shallow as-is right now.

Darkborn50d ago

I agree. I made it to act 3 and just don't care to log back in to continue. If my friends didn't want to keep going I would have stopped somewhere in act 2. I feel like the mutated ridden keep spawning in massive amounts like 5 feet from me and instantly grab me or just explode and it's impossible to react in time and the regular enemies are just fodder but their annoying. Idk it's unbalanced and uninspiring. The weapon attachments don't seem all that good either and I just feel like running around with a shotgun with reload speed and ammo capacity along with stacking health cards is the way to go but it gets boring.

TheDoomedGuy50d ago

Well the card system shines in higher difficulties and so does the weapon attachments. Like in all games of course there is an optimal setup. And yeah they need to be more specific with spawn points for the enemies. Left 4 dead did it much better and I was much better able to identify the different enemies through sound...not as much in this game.

Not to mention some of the specials are pre spawned in an area and you can pick them off from afar.

Redlife2g50d ago

This game is a blast when playing with friends.. Don't get mad because you don't have any

Darkborn50d ago

Who's mad? The game sucks.

TheDoomedGuy49d ago

Every game is better when playing with's the friends that make the game better not the other way around.

DigitalDaniel50d ago

Played a few acts already with a buddy. Good fun, like the card system. More depth to this than L4D.

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