Turtle Rock Is Already Done With Back 4 Blood

After three expansions, Turtle Rock Studios is moving on from Back 4 Blood and is focusing on what comes next.

GoodGuy09116d ago

Hopefully they've taken the experience and improve. B4B was alright but nothing grand. Make a new ip or two then you can make a B4B sequel probably.

Number1TailzFan116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

They shouldn't have named it as an obvious reference as a L4D successor, it kind of feels like one.. but at the same time it's not. It was made with just co-op in mind, enemy player control feels tacked on, L4D enemies were obviously created to be controlled by both players and AI, plus they were created more carefully for most situations. Killing Floor 2 had the same problem and now hardly anyone plays the VS mode because of it. In both games you just play in an arena trying to beat the humans, who feel overpowered in comparison. There's no A-B or do something interesting along the way.

L4D was interesting for a while because of the A-B, not a game of camp-fest.. But even L4D got stale after a while IMO, yes it is different every time you play, but the environment barely changes at all except for some small areas here and there. And the game had an issue with runners, 4 survivor players in VS can literally just run to the saferoom and avoid most things without much problem.

gangsta_red115d ago

I feel like a lot of these "successor" games are failing. My opinion is they're trying to capture the past and build interest on nostalgia. Unfortunately it never captures the magic of the original because people have already moved on, that and people would probably just want the sequel to the original or a remake.

TheGreatGazoo30115d ago

"already." I feel people's expectations for games have gotten out of wack from Apex and Fortnight.

fan_of_gaming115d ago

I agree, it's been almost 16 months since launch. That seems like enough time for post-launch support. People complain there isn't enough new games coming out, yet they play the same game over, and over, and over, and over, and over and wonder why. It's not a bad thing for a game to be content-finished and the dev team to work on something new.

Number1TailzFan115d ago

This is literally the "L4D is god" crowd. It takes some mental gymnastics to keep praising a game that you keep playing over and over which is now actually kind of empty and somewhat bland, fun in short bursts, that's about it.

MIDGETonSTILTS17115d ago

Evolve 2, and have a better launch this time…. First impressions matter.

We are done with Left 4 Dead reboots, or at least until they look better.

Turtle Rock is very talented, but I think they played it too safe with B4B after Evolve…

Evolve was a GREAT idea rushed out the door. Don’t do that again.

LabRat115d ago

Honestly I feel like evolve 2 would be great now. With the success of games like dead by daylight, evil dead, etc. the isometric 4v1 has gained popularity. If done right, could he a lot of fun. I had fun with evolve but the lack of content and tons of in-game purchases threw me away after like a month. Still a cool concept they should continue on.

MIDGETonSTILTS17115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Yeah they were living through an early period of increased monetizing in games, and they did a bad job of:

1) managing expectations for initial content
2) balancing new content (ie giving DLC an unfair/fun-killing advantage)

I’m convinced that if the third monster alone launched weaker/more difficult to use, then people would’ve engaged with the online front longer.

3 cheers for 4v1 MP games!

EvertonFC115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

So glad I swerved this one back when it was released,recently tried it on PS Plus and my god it was awful.

KyRo115d ago

I did the same. It was a game I was always interested in as I like L4D but I'm so glad I didn't bite the bullet even at sale prices. I deleted it after about a hourish.

JEECE115d ago

It's so much better to just go play L4D2, which has a bigger playerbase than B4B anyway.

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